Afternoon in Winchester

Sunny all the way down to Winchester. Downside sun in my eyes most of the journey.

I alighted off the bus to walk down into Winchester, but instead of walking down the main road down Magdalen Hill, I followed the route of the Pilgrims Way, which passes by St John’s Church.

A plaque notes the route of the Pilgrims Way. On the plaque a scallop shell. I thought that was the symbol for El Camino de SantiagoEl Camino de Santiago. Maybe for all the routes taken by pilgrims.

The church has an unusual layout.

On the wall only noticed as leaving the church when eyes have adjusted to the light, medieval wall paintings, c 1280.

The Sicilian guys who last year had excellent pasta appear to have left the market. They were not there last Thursday, nor today. I asked another stall, and yes, they have left the market. No surprise. They had excellent pasta, then started doing junk food. Everyone told them huge mistake, but sadly they did not listen.

I thought the Cathedral Christmas Market would be up and running. No, it opens on Friday.

I looked in The Square. They are now doing lunch until three o’cocck, so I stayed and had a mushrooms on toast.

I said I would come back and have a cappuccino.

I looked in Flat Whites but they were closing early today, as short staffed.

Cappuccino in The Square. I was curious, coffee from The Roasting Party.In CUP by Reading Town Hall, cappuccino not good. At the Square, as always, well at least usual, excellent cappuccino.

Guest coffee in The Square Ethiopia Hunkute from Bailies in Northern Ireland. It had only come in yesterday, fresh, only roasted last week.

Coffee Lab once again ripping customers off on the price charged for guest coffee is not acceptable. Ethiopia Hunkute direct from Bailies £7 plus £1 shipping. In The Square £11.

I had intended to catch an earlier bus. I caught a later bus. Catch 1750.

Around 20 minutes wait at Alton Station for a train.

I pop in Waitrose. Bananas rotting on the shelves.

Train late.

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