Afternoon in Farnham

An unpleasant day. Heavy rain all night, heavy rain all day. I was delayed by two hours until the rain eased off a little.

I looked in St Mark’s Church. They have a World War One window which has recently been restored. I have not noticed before and could not find.

Tomato and basil soup with toasted bread, followed by cappuccino and flapjack at Krema.

Cappuccino had chocolate which ruins the coffee. Krema should know better.

Out of control children, mother makes no attempt to control them.

Sigh of relief from staff and few remaining customers when they leave.

An idiot with a large 4×4 parked on the double yellow lines and on the footpath. This is the norm for Farnham, no enforcement.

Cut through church yard.

What I assume to be Christmas lights in Lion and Lamb Walk. Could they not have waited until lights are officially turned on next week, with festivities in Gostrey Meadow from lunchtime onward?

Bananas rotting on the shelves in Waitrose, sweating and rotting in plastic bags. Pomegranates in plastic boxes. A handful of sliced green beans in plastic, shipped from Kenya.

Are the lazy people of Farnham so useless they cannot slice beans? And why ship beans from Kenya?

Only three tills manned. As I am laving I mention the rotting bananas. Not the first time I have raised bananas rotting on the shelves. No one cares.

This is the norm for Waitrose, piss-poor service, fresh produce packed in plastic. Waitrose and M&S, high prices and the two worst supermarkets for piss-poor service and obscene use of plastic.

Contrast with Hisebe, fresh produce loose, cereals, nuts, dried fruits loose, liquids for example organic shampoo top up own container, and excellent service.

And yet Iceland has a TV commercial banned for highlighting damage palm oil plantations cause to rain forests.

St Mark’s Church open, a vigil to mark Armistice Day. I quietly walked around the church. I still could not find the window. I remained a little while in silent contemplation. I thought of the horror of those souls who died in the trenches.

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