Afternoon in Winchester

A dull dreary afternoon.

Bus from Alton Station to Winchester, bus driver drives like a maniac. Slamming on brakes each time hits a speed restriction as travelling too fast.

I walk down Magdalen Hill into Winchester.

I arrive earlier than usual though would have wished to have arrived earlier, Coffee Lab shuts at three.

A rather tacky market. The only worthwhile stall, a girl with clothes and jewellery, a stall down a side street.

Sicilian guys used to excel with their pasta, then to the dismay of everyone stopped pasta and produced junk food. Come Thursday, they would say, Thursday we do pasta. Today Thursday. I walk up and down the market. I find they are not there.

I look in Coffee Lab Academy. I am surprised at the coffee on display. I ask, no longer The Roasting Party? Yes, Coffee Lab has closed.

I go round and take a look, even though they ssk I do not.

I am shocked and appalled that Coffee Lab has closed. It opened a little over two years ago. It was a lovely litte coffee shop that set a high standard. Next year Coffee Lab Academy, then this summer The Square, plus a number of coffee shops in other towns.

Closure of the original Coffee Lab is indicative of everything that is going wrong with Coffee Lab. Vulture Capitalists have been brought in to expand the chain, Vulture Capitalists motivated by one thing and one thing only, greed. They have managed to alienate staff alienate the customers.

Coffee Lab has grown rapidly and just as rapidly gone down hill. Coffee Lab closing at three, and now closed. The Square, dirty tables, poor service, poor quality coffee, kids who do not have a clue. Coffee Lab Academy closing on the dot, tables and chairs stacked around remaining customers. No atmosphere in ether.

And just when it cannot get worst, landlord of the little wholefood shop has been bought out by the greediest of the Vulture Capitalists, a fool who is a style-styled entrepreneur, putting at risk this lovely little shop when the lease runs out.

I did not have a coffee, I went to the little pizza stall, where had an excellent pizza.

Only the eating of was spoilt by a moron blowing smoke in my face whilst telling me he knew what was good coffee as he frequented Starbucks.

I had called on the way in Holland and Barrett to inquire when their penny sale ended. Buy one get one at a penny, only applies to a very limited range. Ends on Tuesday,

Near the entrance loose nuts, dried fruits, scoop up with a shovel into a bag, weigh, then pay. Cheaper than the prepacked stuff? No, a lot dearer.

It was then to Flat Whites where I had an excellent cappuccino served by one of the baristas who has left Coffee Lab. I thought he seemed vaguely familiar. He said he knew me from Coffee Lab Academy.

Guest coffee from Steam Punks, A strange name for coffee unless there is a Steam Punk connection.

1720 bus to Alton. For once, in time to catch a train but I decided to pop in Waitrose.

— to be continued —

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