Guildford farmers market

A grey wet day for Guildford farmers market.

This time of year usually a dreary affair, fewer stalls, but not today. Many new stalls I had not seen before. The downside is fewer and fewer growers and farmers.

I was pleased to see the turkey sausage stall had gone. Whether kicked off I do not know.

The scandal was not only the turkey sausages sitting on their stall in a heatwave and the manner in which they handled raw meat. The scandal was also the manner in which the market manager and environmental heath handled the situation, or more to the point failed to handle. They simply turned a blind eye. What were they waiting for, a mass outbreak of food poisoning?

This also raises question of oversight of officials who fail to diligently carry out the responsibility of their office.

The market manager should have kicked the stall off the market, environmental health should have seized the stock, closed the stall down and mounted a prosecution.

It also begs the question of why during the hot weather environmental health were not out patrolling the market?

But then when the council locks an elderly infirm couple in Tunsgate then blatantly lies about it, maybe we should not be surprised.

Or the major cock up at the expense of local taxpayers of the market in shipping containers.

The use of plastic on the market is not acceptable. There should be minimum standards. If music festivals, South Bank Street Food Market, Hisbe rebel supermarket can set minimum standards, why not a council-run farmers market?

Roasted coffee should be kept in the absence of air, in a cool, dry, dark place.

Cupsmith during the summer in open hessian sacks in temperatures in excess of 30C. Today 15C very damp, in open hessian sacks.

Freshly roasted coffee is meaningless. Yes, is should be freshly roasted, but need to know the roast date.

And who wants coffee beans left in the heat, left in the damp absorbing moisture and oxidising in open hessian sacks?

Jamie Oliver knows nothing about coffee. Try drinking his disgusting Italian corporate brand coffee at Gatwick Airport. Italy is infamous for bad coffee.

No country of origin. Single origin coffee will at the very least show country of origin, if direct trade, the farm, the variety, the Q grade.

When a coffee roastery is this clueless on coffee, has this lack of respect for their coffee, go elsewhere.

Krema in Tunsgate has a choice of coffee from Horsham Coffee. Not yet but soon, FCB Coffee kiosk on Guildford Station will be roasting their own coffee. Whether also coffee beans for sale I do not know.

Excellent lunch as always in Bamboo Shoots, honey crunch chicken.

Passing to and fro Surrey Hills Coffee as always empty, well ok three people, as near as empty.

Cappuccino and hot chocolate in Krema. Hot chocolate for a friend. As always Krema busy.

From Krema we wandered through Tunsgate Quarter, as always deserted, boarded-up units and ghastly chains such as Cosy Club, a fake 1930s bar so fake it is a Monty Python parody of fake.

Assuming the few retailers within Tunsgate Quarter are paying full rents and businesses rates, they must be regretting their decision to move into this sterile shopping centre. They must be haemorrhaging money. How long before they pull out?

Guildford farmers market is held first Tuesday of the month. There will be an extra Christmas market in December. There is no market in January.

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