Early November in Brighton

Not too cold walking to catch a train.  At Gatwick very cold. Cold in Brighton too, but seemed to get warmer during the day.

A timetable on the platform at Gatwick bore no relationship to the train times. Warning plastered all over that subject to major changes. Why not simply print new timetables?

The 12-coach Thameslink train from Gatwick full.

I always look in the FCB Passenger Lounge though never a coffee. Often useful literature to pick up, for example Viva Brighton.

Tempting a coffee off Small Batch kiosk in the station forecourt but I had other plans.

Today a different plan, under the station and head into North Laine.

Under the station, a homeless person well tucked in. This is the tragedy of Brighton, a victim of austerity and shock doctrine, to which everyone turns a blind eye. And to their shame, Labour failed to vote against tax cuts for the rich.

Just beyond the bridge, literally in the shadow of the bridge, a shed Organic Dirty Burgers, sadly not open on a Sunday. Street food at its best. Avoid Gourmet Burgers on station forecourt, disgusting.

A little further down on a corner, barely the size of a kiosk, Blend and Brew Brighton. Not open. I have never found open. No opening times displayed. A pity they make the place look tacky with windows covered in paper.

A cappuccino in Coffee at 33. Very busy lunchtime. Usually I visit towards the end of the day.

Excellent cappuccino.

If passing by, I always look in Magazine Brighton. Sometimes I buy something.

Tempted by Ambrosia (sister publication of Drift) and a publication I have not seen before Om Nom.

As I learnt on my last visit to Brighton, now two places in North Laine where can obtain Standart and Drift, Magazine Brighton and Pelicano.

I pick up Viva Lewis, sister publication of Viva Brighton.

To the end and left into a busy main road.

On my last visit to Brighton, The Longhouse closed for renovation. I decided to revisit and have a coffee. I do not have a coffee as only fake milk. And contrary to what may be claimed, it is not possible to make a decent cappuccino with fake milk, it looks and tastes disgusting, Why ruin good coffee? If do not wish to use milk, offer V60 pour over.

Owner suggests I try nearby supermarket where they serve good coffee. Baffled, I check it out. I find HISBE, a radically different supermarket. They serve coffee roasted by Coffee at 33. I decided not, as only just had.

HISBE, minimise waste, a downmarket or as they would prefer radical alternative to Infinity Foods.

I try fermemted green tea. Smells of rotting apples, tastes of apple juice.

Then to Gazed. Something of a wild goose chase as closed.

I look in Pelicano, very busy, I will call back later.

Then finally, lunch at Iydea. Not up to their usual high standard.

Saddened to see Brighton Books, located next door, is closing down, building sold. No attempt to find new owner for the business.

A few things from Infinity Food, including Om Nom the food magazine I was tempted by in Magazine Brighton. I recommend Ambrosia, only I could not think of the name, other than sister magazine of Drift.

To Brighton Sausages, sausages and cheese,

A new cheesemonger has opened, near to Resident, it used to be a shop selling junk.

Now nearing five o’clock I was going to head home once starting to get dark. Tempted to head to Pelicano and then station. but cannot visit Brighton and not visit the seafront.

Then Pelicano for excellent cappuccino and cake, real cake, not a vegan cake.

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