Farnham Maltings Market

Cold afternoon in Farnham, lunch at Krema, I picked up a bookmark for Farnham Maltings Market on first Saturday of the month. As today was first Saturday of the month and the Maltings nearby I decided to pay the market a visit.

I picked up a lost couple on the way who were looking for the market or at least The Maltings.  Please follow me. I showed the way and advised if wish to have a coffee try Krema instead. I checked, the little cafe still serving disgusting CupSmith coffee.

To my annoyance a pound to gain entry. Stalls were already packing up.

Does this mean a pound to gain entry to the cafe? Not that I would wish to.

The market was similar rubbish to their Christmas market.

The bookmark said fresh produce.  Where? Gin on my way in. After passing through a rabbit warren of different rooms, all much of a  muchness what was on sale, I found a room with bread, cakes, chocolates, and CupSmith.

The roasted coffee beans were as the stall on Guildford farmers market on display in open hessian sacks. Dark roast to the point of being burnt. Great for hiding defects of low quality coffee beans, not so great for bringing out the best of the coffee. Burnt coffee is burnt coffee. One claimed to be a lighter roast, and yet it was darker. Maybe labels got switched. Decaffeinated claimed to be a natural process. Means nothing. State what the process is.  The beans will oxidise, they had no aroma. Contrast with beans I have from Taf,  The Underdog, Mind the Cup, a wonderful aroma.  People are duped into buying  rubbish. When purveyors of coffee  are this clueless on coffee steer well clear. If want excellent coffee try Krema, if want to buy quality coffee beans visit Krema. There is absolutely no excuse these days for buying cheap rubbish coffee. We are spoilt for choice. And that applies to the catering manager buying this rubbish for Maltings cafe.

Cakes and cookies were expensive on the cake stall. Cookies at a pound each were reasonable. I bought a couple and as it was the end of the day the lady kindly have me a third.

Back downstairs, a little section serving coffee. I was told even worse than CupSmith. Did I wish to try? Er no.  The coffee served in takeaway coffee cups to a captive audience. This is not acceptable, but Farnham Maltings do not seem to care. 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups thrown away every year, and Farnham Maltings doing their best to keep the numbers up.

Far more interesting stalls autonomous market Apostolou Pavlou last weekend in Athens, but that was Athens and this is Farnham.


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