Afternoon in Guildford

Cold afternoon in Guildford.

I arrived in Guildford nearly an hour later than I wished, as missed a train as unable to cross the line with barriers down. Had I not bought a ticket, I could have crossed the line and caught the train.

A coffee off FCB kiosk. I tried the guest coffee from Bean Press Coffee (I have never heard of). To me weak and insipid. Spoilt by two weeks of excellent coffee in Athens.

I am pleased to see FCB kiosk now using compostable cups. But begs the question, what to do with the cup? Unless facilities to compost the cups, will go straight into the general waste stream.  As I was going to the market in North Street, I saved mine for the compost heap.

In the sun pleasant, very cold walking along the river in the shade.

Spitfire No 85 WHSmith.

No Hippie. Not on display, not in stock. Talking to a helpful guy he said he cannot recall ever seeing in the store let alone on display.

Waterstone’s across the street no better. Hippie not on display. I did eventually find, spine only, on the bottom shelf next to the floor with new books. A little direct action, now on display on table by the entrance.

Contrast with Athens, Hippie in window display of all major bookstores, one even had a display poster on the door.

Last time I passed through the street market some weeks ago I was shocked by how much smaller it was since my last visit.  Today, beginning of November, smaller still. The cheese stall and the coffee stall have gone.  Loss of the coffee stall no great loss, cheese can be obtained everyday from the excellent cheesemonger in Chapel Street.  Fruit and vegetable stall at the top, was two stalls, now only one stall.

It will be a shame to see this once excellent market collapse. But once the number of stalls goes down, and fewer visitors,  on a vicious downward spiral,

As always excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

Interesting conversation with attractive young woman sat next to me.

Leaving Bamboo Shoots, the temperature had plumeted, now very cold.

As always, Surrey Hills Coffee empty. OK, two people, but as near as empty.  Last few times I have passed by it has been quite literally empty, not a single customer. But if serve poor quality coffee, disgusting vegan cakes, then no surprise always empty.

By contrast, Krema busy.

My cappuccino weak and insipid. Culture shock after the excellent coffee in Athens.

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