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Koine Road

October 28, 2018

— to be continued —

Diateichisma ancient city wall 4th century BC

October 28, 2018

Diateichisma ancient city wall built end of 4th century BC to defend Athens against the  Macedonians.


— to be continued —

Hill of the Muses

October 28, 2018

— to be continued —

Oxi Day

October 28, 2018

Roads closed outside Greek Parliament, flag waving, speeches, Oxi Day, No to Fascism Day, the day in 1940 when Greece said not to Fascism and entered the Second World War.

Greeks are very proud that they said no to Fascism, even though it was at huge cost to the country. Equally they are proud to have said no to  EU, again at huge cost, to then be betrayed by the ruling coalition.

Roads outside Parliament closed, large numbers on the streets celebrating, long queues to get into The Acropolis and Acropolis Museum.

Cappuccino at The Brew Dog

October 27, 2018

After much deliberation, I settled on a cappuccino. It was to have been a V60, but where I wished to sit by the window was taken after I walked in. Also no V60, clever dripper.

A choice of coffee from Guatemala or Brazil, I let the barista choose, he chose Brazil. For filter, from Ethiopia or Kenya.

The bags of coffee beans on the shelves, bottom row for espresso, top row for filter.

Excellent cappuccino.

I sat and watched the drinks being made.

I was curious why was the freddo cappuccino different to that in Cyprus. different glass, only two not three layers. The coffee not frothed, the milk is frothed.

Another dink, espresso poured on ice, milk to be added later to suit,  freddo latte.

I counted twenty one crafts beers. Better chance of getting a craft beer in Greek coffee shop than a failing English pub.

Had  I stayed, as a hot day, though cool once sun drops,  I would have had a Japanese iced filter. Different name, iced dripped coffee or cold dripped coffee, not to be confused with cold drip coffee.

I have previously had excellent cold brew coffee. I thought, brewed in Chemex then stored in the fridge. I was wrong. Immersion, the Chemex simply used as  a carafe before being decanted into bottles. Served from the bottles which are stored in a fridge.



Ari Metallari

October 27, 2018

Artist Ari Metallari exhibits his art and work in progress on the autonomous street market in Apostolou Pavlou.

I was struck by the portraits of people walking. Incredible sense of movement when look at these paintings.


Elektra Kefala Odyssei Art

October 27, 2018

Elektra Kefala Odessei Art designs small sailing boasts made from driftwood.

Elektra told me she was one of the few people who has done OK out of the crisis.

The crisis forced hr to quit her job as graphics designer and work as a designer. A year on, the company she worked for has since gone bust.

Follow her dreams.

In The Alchemist a baker, not only did he not follow his dreams he has forgotten he once had dreams.

Elektra can be found weekends on the autonomous market in Apostolou Pavlou, with views of The Acropolis,  a pleasant walk.


Autonomous street market Apostolou Pavlou

October 27, 2018

To walk along Dionysiou Areopagitou, then along Apostolou Pavlou, with views of The Acropolis, is a pleasant walk.  At weekends, stalls, music, an autonomous market.

I had intended to walk to the top of the Hill of the Muses, but felt too lazy, instead walked along Apostolou Pavlou.

Last weekend, few people, the stalls had gone.

When I inquired last weekend at autonomous farmers market held in Exarchia Square, attempts to regulate the market, paperwork to complete, fees to pay, heavy handed police if lacked permit.

Net result, the market, a major tourist attraction, killed stone dead.

Today though the stalls were back.

I learnt one of the problems was stalls selling Chinese rubbish, not craft stalls. Solution simple, get rid of these stalls, and the gypsies.

A reprieve, what will then happen no one knows.

Where there is a need for regulation, get rid of the tour buses, I counted five maybe six, regulate out of existence AirBnB which is now a cause of major concern in Athens, people being driven out of Acropoli and Kolonaki to make way for AirBnB.

Two interesting stalls, Elektra Kefala Odessei Art and artist Ari Metallari.

Elektra Kefala Odessei Art designs sailing boast from driftwood.

Ari Metallari exhibits his art in the street.


Peek a Bloom

October 26, 2018

After a cappuccino at Just Made 33 I went in search of Peek a Bloom which is nearby.

Could I find? No.

Google maps showed in the middle of a block. Maybe Google maps wrong.

Then I walked down an ally and found at the end of the ally.

A bar cum coffee shop cum micro-roastery.

I was too tired to stay. I then decided to stay and ordered a V60.

So long to arrive that I assumed had forgot and cancelled my order and left.

Sister coffee shop of Mind the Cup. Of the two I prefer Mind the Cup.

Mind the Cup has atmosphere which Peak a Bloom lacks

I was surprised they roast when roast at Mind the Cup and have skilled coffee roaster at Mind the Coffee. I assumed all the roasting carried out at Mind the Cup. Consistency?

Poor choice of coffee compared compared with Mind the Cup and beans on sale not on open display as Mind the Cup.

Cappuccino at Just Made 33

October 26, 2018

The baristas of last year all appear to have left. And it shows. The female barista I met several days ago, not there.

A cappuccino and a cake.

I then went in search of Peek a Bloom which is nearby. Could I find?

No. Or at least I did eventually, hidden down an alley.