Afternoon in Larnaca

Just missed a bus to Ayia Napa, twenty minutes wait for next bus.

Connect with Inter City bus at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park.

No time for other than cursory exploration, but at least on my second visit explore different area to previous visit.

Quick look in Larnaca Marina

I had hoped to drop coffee at Nick’s Coffee Bike, maybe have a quick coffee, then explore Laranaca.

There longer than I wished, have cappuccino and  a cold brew. Both excellent. Again impressed by Nick’s professionalism.


Wander along the sea front. Maybe make it to South Coast Specialty Coffee.

I walk along the promenade past the Medieval Castle to Mackenzie Beach.

I note the sea level is maybe a metre below the walk, the road half a meter higher.

Global warming, this area will be inundated, and that is not taking account of storms.

IPCC reported today, zero carbon emissions if to achieve no relentless rise in temperature.

This means we cannot burn fossil fuels. This means Shell, whose value is based on the carbon assets it accounts for in the ground, is worthless.

And what do the Cypriots do? Drill for oil, drill for oil in disputed waters claimed by Turkey, Israel, Palestine and Syria. Oil that can never be recovered, leaving behind stranded assets. An are of tension. Fascist dictator Erdogan trying to recreate Ottoman Empire. Israel carrying out ethnic cleansing in Palestine.  Syria in conflict with Turkey.  And Iran and corrupt House of Saud meddling.

I do not know though if low or high tide.

It takes me 45 minutes to reach Mackenzie Beach, time to turn around and if lucky catch the bus at 1800 to Ayia Napa.

Google Maps says 39 minutes. Google Maps is wrong.  But, having checked Google Maps on my return, closer than I realised, maybe I had even passed by.

Why though no shuttle bus along the seafront connecting Larnaca Marina with Mackenzie Beach?

If I visit Larnaca again, I will not try to reach South Coast Coffee Specialty Coffee Shop, instead explore old part of Laranca.

I notice walking back, low tide, how low I do not know. This means that at high tide the sea I observed will be higher,.

At Ayia Napa twenty minutes for bus.

I explore the Square, walk into a monastery to be told it is closed, closed at 1900.

Local bus arrives, people pile on like animals.

— to be continued —-


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