Spartiatis is a fish restaurant overlooking Konnos Bay, not that can see anything at night.

Walk down an unlit road, passed a run down block that appears to be inhabited by gypsies.

Only half a dozen tables occupied with diners.

This is now the norm for Protaras, many restaurants have closed, many more are expected to close at the end of the season. The result of all-inclusive hotels killing the local economy and bringing in the dregs of the tourist industry and Cypriot politicians with heads stuck in the sand refusing to accept they have a problem let alone acting.

Brought a starter, not sure what it was, appeared to be fried thinly sliced courgette.

Sea bream as main course, a side plate of very poor quality chips.

I had asked, and was told came with a small salad. I do not think a couple of slices of cucumber, a couple of thin slices of tomato and a limp leaf of lettuce constitutes a salad.

Sea bream was ok, the oil overdone. Nowhere the standard of Demetrion fish restaurant at Liopetri River where I had lunch of white bream last week.

Was then brought a small piece of cake, mama’s cake.

Meal spoilt by pig-ignorant loud-mouthed Germans at a nearby table disturbing the entire restaurant. They should have been asked to keep their noise down or leave.

I was tempted to hop on a bus into Protaras for an ice cream at either Café Amárena or Patisserie Amelie, but decided on yoghurt from nearby shop.

Try Papa’s fish and chips (a fish restaurant)  or Kamasias. Both are in Paralimni.

The place to not eat, Ocean Basket, the McDonald’s or KFC of seafood, the fish not fresh.

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