Afternoon in York

I caught a bus half an hour earlier than I needed to to catch a train, as cannot rely on the unreliable bus service.

I had assumed, never assume, the train to Doncaster would be Northern Fail. it was East Midlands, a single coach, a joke I know. I would have travelled Saturday, had I known, as Northern Fail on strike.

There used to be from the train a stunning view across the Brayford of Lincoln Cathedral, now a mere glimpse thanks to ugly University buildings obscuring the view.

Cold and raining at Doncaster.

An empty Pullman train. Pulled and pushed by diesel locomotives.

The last time I saw a Pullman train, though far longer, was at Chichester Station last month.

York Station, an iconic Victorian Station. At the time it was constructed, the largest railway station in the world. Appropriate then nearby the National Railway Museum.

From the Station, head to York Minster, running parallel to the City Wall. Over the bridge, then a choice, right into Kendal and into the old part of town, or onward to York Minster and into the old part of town.

If head straight on, Bake Shop and Brew & Brownie. Cakes and coffee and lunch. I noticed their coffee had changed, now Allpress.

Into Lendal, lunch at Burr. Excellent for lunch, not for coffee.

On display in the window, indie coffee guide with mention they are listed. No mention they are only listed because they have paid to be listed and write their own entry. In other words the guide is a scam and lacks any credibility.

The only way to find coffee shops, is to follow ones feet, and when find a good coffee shop, ask.

Lunch grilled wild mushrooms, halloumi cheese, pine nuts on toasted sourdough bread. Generaous portion size, excellent.

Last time I had a coffee, never again, it was by someone from the kitchen. I witness the same again, cardinal sin, chocolate dumped on taste. I resist the strong tempation to ask to touch the cup to see how hot (it was not my coffee).

A discussion on coffee. I recommend, locally, Dark Woods, otherwise, Outpost Coffee, Pharmacie.

I am recommended to try a roastery in Micklegate, not known if also serve coffee. Also try Kiosk.

Every town has one if not more freebie magazines. They are rubbish and appalling waste of trees. Viva Brighton is a rare exception.

From Brew & Brownie, I picked up Independent Life and leafed through whilst waiting for my lunch at Burr. Like Viva Brighton, another rare exception, worth picking up.

I was though baffled, why Leeds and York, nowhere near each other.

I learnt later at Kiosk it used to cover Leeds, only recently Leeds and York. Still odd though.

Not on glossy paper. Another plus.

I notice next to Spring Espresso what appears to be a quality butcher.

I find after a little wandering around, Fossgate. This street is a little foodie mecca, three coffee shops within spitting distance of each, Spring Espresso Fossgate, The Fossgate Social and Kiosk.

I had been recommended Kiosk, so Kiosk it was.

A lovely little coffee shop.

They did serve Maude and Dark Woods, both excellent coffee roasteries. That in itself sufficient recommendation. Now Assembly.

I order a cappuccino. Excellent.

It is very rare to have the perfect cappuccino, smooth, this was one of those very rare occasions. Assembly house espresso may also have played its part, as described as creamy.

Outside, three Chinese girls, excellent coffee, they take me at my word, and walk in.

I look in The Fossgate Social, a little garden out the back, more of a bar serving coffee than a coffee shop, but good selection of craft beer.

I had tried to find Spring Espresso Fossgate in the past, but not successful, it does help to have a map, therefore pop in.

Now little time. I ask of cold brew. Yes, they bring a bottle out of the fridge serve with ice. No time, I ask for a takeaway cup.

Lost, I find The Shambles, then The Shambles market lots of street food, then Kings Square.

One of my reasons for visiting ona Friday, The Attic in Kings Square.

I find my way to York Minster, then on to York Station.

I am just in time to pick something from little cake stall.

Train is on time, then running late. Train overcrowded, one reason not to travel to Kings Cross from York on a Friday.

Garbled message as approaching, change at Doncaster, then Retford.

I stay on the train miss connection at Newark, have 30 minutes walk through Newark to alternative Newark station. No station staff on hand.

— to be continued —-

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