Stokes at The Collection

Stokes at The Collection

Stokes at The Collection

I have in the past looked in on Stokes at The Collection, but never had a coffee.

Visiting an exhibition at The Collection, Bastion in the Air, I decided to take a break and have a cappuccino and a cookie.

Service was slow, even though Stokes at The Collection was empty.

The coffee when delivered, looked disgusting, tasted disgusting. The girl serving completely clueless on coffee.

When the coffee was brought to my table, I did not touch it for a couple of minutes, so disgusted by its appearance. When I did, I found it to be scalding hot. It must have been nigh on 100C when brought to the table.

Not helped by poor quality, over-roasted catering supply coffee.

The only good think I could say of the undrinkable cappuccino was that it did not have chocolate dumped on top.

I have had cookies at Stokes on High Bridge and they used to be excellent, the same can not be said of the coffee. The cookie was not good either, hard and dried up.

There are better coffee shops nearby, Base Camp on Steep Hill, Madame Waffle in the High Street and Coffee Aroma in Guildhall (through The Stonebow), all within a few minutes walk.

Stokes is an old family fourth generation coffee business. They have three coffee shops in Lincoln. Stokes on High Bridge, Stokes at The Collection, Stokes at The Lawn. Stokes at The Lawn is also a coffee roastery.

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