Thieving Harry’s

To get to Thieving Harry’s is not easy. Hull Old Town is cut in two by a very busy main road, with no easy way to cross.

Two crossings out of the way, the middle crossing, the lights not working and barricaded off the central reservation.

Long wait at the crossing to cross. Would not make a jot of difference to the traffic if less of a wait, as traffic at a crawl.

Cutting in half, apart from the inconvenience, it is damaging the businesses in this part of Hull Old Town as far fewer people on the other side of the road.

Caffeinated in Trinity Market had kindly marked my map, Thieving Harry’s not difficult to find.

Located overlooking the old docks and the sea in the office of what was once when a thriving shipping dock a fruit merchant.

An excellent cappuccino.

Coffee sourced from The Blending Room. I came away with two bags of single origin from Indonesia.

Coffee from Indonesia is not often found for the simple reason Indonesia produces poor quality coffee. There are though exceptions.

We have a problem with plastic, plastic-lined paper takeaway cups, plastic cups, plastic utensils, plastic straws.

As always it is the indie coffee shops leading the way. Compostable cups, refillable cups, though best to relax with coffee in glass or ceramic, paper straws.

Thieving Harry’s showed me something I had not seen before, drinking straws made from shells.

Thieving Harry’s is featured in Coffee Shop North.

I was given a copy of The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide in which Thieving Harry’s is also featured.

The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide is a scam. It is not what it claims to be an independent guide to speciality coffee shops.

How credible an indie coffee guide when those listed are paying £500 each for a listing? When coffee shops that do not deserve a listing are listed? When those that deserve a listing are not listed? When the coffee shops are writing their own entries?

Coffee shops are approached by the publisher to have an entry. Part of the scam is to be given a pile of ‘free books’, free books that do not sell, free books that end up being sold off on the cheap or given away.

To find excellent coffee shops, follow your feet, when find a good coffee shop, ask, they will recommend others. That was how I found my way around Hull Old Town, one coffee shop at a time.

And dare I say, follow on-line The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop.

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