AsylumX – Day 4

Welcome to the Asylum, a four day SteamPunk Festival in Lincoln, the largest known SteamPunk Festival in the solar system.

I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clock maker. — Voltaire

Day 4: The fourth and final day of AsylumX, a four day SteamPunk Festival in Lincoln.

Luckily unlike yesterday not raining, not cold, and as a consequence many more people on the streets.

Lincoln Assembly Rooms is somewhere I have never been before. A tea room and a grand hall, I was told it was the ballroom.

They need up their game on tea and coffee, supplied by Lincoln Tea and Coffee. I cannot comment on the tea but their coffee is disgusting, some of the worst I have ever come across. There is absolutely no excuse these days, sourcing poor quality coffee.

In the ballroom SteamPunk books, though not all the authors present. I had hoped to pop back, but never did.

Street food in a playground of a school. Not many stalls and not busy. In a car park a guy with a bcycle serving coffee.

Coffee off the coffee stall ok, not great, same for the food off the only food stall.

Stalls booked failed to show.

Low environmental standards. An ice cream van with engine running, food served in polystyrene boxes, plastic cups and utensils. The coffee guys on the ball, compostable cups.

The stall was serving The Blending Party, the bicycle Iron and Fire Coffee. Sadly I never returned to try from the bicycle.

A market outside The Lawn, talks in the Blue Room, which put The Lawn on the map.

To enter the grounds of Lincoln Castle £13-50 (£11-00 for concessions. The grounds are usually free. An entry fee to visit a few stalls is completely unacceptable.

Within the grounds of Lincoln Castle in the corner of a marque, Gary Nicholls and The Imaginarium, a book and stunning images. The book is a trilogy, so far only Volume I Eve’s Story. We are promised Volume II next year. Also artefacts from the trilogy.

An adjacent stall to Gary Nicholls. Colin Edmonds with Steam Smoke and Mirrors, a SteamPunk novel.

I learnt from Gary Nicholls, not only worth reading the characters appear in his trilogy.

Why not take a stage further, a character reading Steam Smoke and Mirrors, a recursive image?

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