Standart guide to Athens coffee culture a travesty

Standart is not easy to find, and even those who stock it have difficulty in obtaining.

I was therefore pleased to find the latest edition in Pelicano on a recent trip to Brighton. They have only recently started to stock. They also stock Drift.

I started with the review of coffee culture in Athens. I was going to offer to write this, and regret I did not, as the reveiew of Athens coffee culture is a travesty, and does a disservice to Athens. But then what to expect from two days in Athens? It is as much what is missing as what is written.

I often spend a few days in Athens,  last year exploring the coffee culture.

As I was reading, I had just heard at lunchtime stomach churning claim by EU describing their intervention in Greece as a success a cause for Greeks to celebrate. Nothing could be further from the truth, Greece was destroyed to serve as  a warning to other vassal states, the money pumped into Greece, was to bail out German banks, it flowed in and back out.

Taf is not for coffee tasting, it is a coffee shop people enjoying the coffee. There is not an extensive choice of coffee, though yes a fair choice.

Mr Bean, I was recommended by Taf, it is across the road.

Other than in passing, Tailor Made not featured. Excellent coffee, good place for people watching, amazing cold brew tower.

The Underdog when I visited last year, four world champion baristas, and I am pleased to learn have won again. I though saw more awards on display at TAF.

Kaya I was not impressed by, the coffee undrinkable. Passing trade, not people relaxing to enjoy a  coffee.

Even less by Warehouse where coffee not good and service terrible. Not a good place for sitting outside, not unless enjoy breathing in traffic fumes. More a trendy bar serving coffee than a coffee shop. I did not try the wine.

No mention of Just Made 33, excellent coffee, excellent food, excellent cakes. Conveniently located. just off Ermou, a  few minutes walk from Syntagma.

No mention of Little Tree Books and Coffee, a bookshop cum coffee shop, only a few minutes walk behind the Acropolis Museum.

No mention of Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies, excellent coffee and food.

Taresso is also worthy of a visit.

Cannot visit Athens  without visiting The Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Agora, Temple of Zeus, National Gardens,  and of course wander through Plaka.

To eat, Plaka Restaurant in the heart of Plaka, and for a view to die for rooftop restaurant at Athens Gate.

Two ice cream parlours worth a visit, Davinci in Monastiraki and Coco’s in Plaka, of the two I refer  Coco’s.

No, it is not a hike to the Hill of the Muses, well worth the climb with stunning views over Athens.

A stroll past The Acropolis and along Dionysiou Areopagitou then a choice, Hill of the Muses, straight on, visit a church then a long valley which is pleasant to walk  along one side and return along the other side, or follow around The Acropolis and right along Apostolou Pavlou which at weekends lined with stalls and musicians. It also leads a back way into Agora of Athens.

More of course than a day, or even two days,

I look forward to Drift bringing out an Athens edition.


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