Cappuccino in Caracoli

I would usually have a coffee in Krema, something I look forward to, though of late I prefer their coffee shop in Guildford.

On my most recent visit to Farnham, Krema was closed. I with reluctance decided to have a cappuccino in Caracoli in Lion and Lamb Walk, not somewhere I would normally  choose to have a coffee.

I was brought a cappuccino with chocolate. I sent it back.

Why does no one know how to make a cappuccino?

What was brought next had a very unpleasant taste. I suspect bad cheap coffee. It was a tad too hot, but I do not think the barista was at fault.

I inquired of who roasts their coffee?  Mozzo Coffee, the same people who supply Flat Whites, but then added a  blend for them. Maybe cheap catering supply coffee.

Caracoli is both deli and coffee shop and does neither well.

Only one place for coffee in Farnham, Krema in Downing Street.

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