Destruction of local businesses

What makes a town centre, local businesses, local architecture, they provide a sense of place, the local businesses recycle money within the local economy.

Four local businesses destroyed, for what, a rapacious greedy developer to make fast buck.

A grassy area with flowering cherry trees destroyed, for what, an ugly eyesore of a Premier Inn, and of course a rapacious developer to make a fast buck.

Around the corner The Tumbledown Dick destroyed, for what, a Drive-Thu McDonald’s, and of course to enable  a rapacious developer to make a fast buck, the same rapacious developer.

Within the town centre, half the town centre destroyed, people kicked out of their homes, social housing levelled to the ground for a car park, many local business destroyed, for what, a superstore and a handful of corporate chains.

Welcome to Farnborough, one of the ugliest town centres in the country. And yes, there are worst, Aldershot down the road.

And complicit in all of this, town centre planners, who have not a clue what constitutes good town centre planning, who lack any understanding of how local economies function, but who can be relied upon to act against the interests of the local community, hand greedy developers on a plate whatever they ask for.

Complicit too, thick-as-shit local councillors who rubber-stamp whatever is put before them, who are led by the nose by the planners acting for developers, who stick two fingers up to the local community.

There is one green area left in the town centre. That too is now earmarked for development, no lessons have been learnt, no apologies for the damage wrought on the town centre.

Contrast Farnborough or Aldershot with North Laine in Brighton. Three streets with side streets, quirky indie businesses, coffee shops, music shops, bookshops, restaurants, boutiques, food shops, bakeries, pubs, and not a single corporate chain in sight, nor empty boarded-up shops.  On a Sunday busy, on a Saturday difficult to move for people.

The same is true for the old part of York or Hull Old Town.

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2 Responses to “Destruction of local businesses”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    The lovely old community centre, little pond open grassy area and so many beautiful trees will all be lost to the wonderful RBC supported development. But don’t worry we will be fully consulted as local tax paying residents and they will fully listen to our views NOT.

    The Tumbledown Dick showed me exactly how the bar stewards operate. Sadly destroying any heritage in our once,never great, but decent town.

  2. keithpp Says:

    There has never been any consultation on anything.

    What happens is notification, and than only to the minimum number they think they can get away with, and often less than that.

    We, meaning corrupt planners and greedy developers, decide what they are going to do, then once done and dusted, notify a handful of people, hope no one will notice let alone cause a ruckus, and call it consultation.

    With the planned loss of the last green open space in the town centre, notice of what is being planned should go to every household and local business in Farnborough.

    Have all the local community groups that use the Community Centre been notified?

    One thing I noticed in the north of England in May when the first warm sunny weather arrived, be it a park in York or a grassy river bank viewed from the window of a train, people value green space.

    It is not crap shopping centres people enjoy to visit, that is a chore when you need something and can now be done on-line, it is green space, a beach, that attracts people.

    A new shopping centre has opened in Guildford, Tunsgate Quarter, sterile and artificial, boarded-up units, same crap corporate chains as can be found anywhere and devoid of people. Its only use, a useful short cut through to the Castle Grounds from the High Street.

    Consultation is to take place on Aldershot, once consultants have advised of more of the same, more top down failed development (the chain eateries are already pulling out of Wastegate they never arrived in Kingsmead), and the public may if they are lucky find out be invited to participate through loaded questions, even the few remaining traders are unaware of this consultation.

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