Afternoon in Farnham

Another cool day, threatening rain, had been raining earlier.

I attempt to walk along the riverside walk, then through Gostrey Meadow and into the town.

Only to find I cannot, it has been fenced off. Luckily people had torn down part of the fencing. Let us hope they continue to do a public service, tear down the fence.

I then find my way is blocked when I reach the far end.  Luckily I am able to walk through the trees and find my way around the fence.

It is not acceptable the walk has been fenced off. The reason why even less acceptable.  To enable contractors to build a bridge to bring their materials straight off the A31, resulting in one lane closure, to build a grotty unwanted shopping centre that will be detrimental to the character of Farnham. The only reason it is going ahead is because the local council Waverley has pushed it against the wishes of the town, and Surrey County Council has poured in £50 million of public funds.  Greed and corruption writ large.

I make the butcher only to find closed.  Either closed on the dot if not closed early.

I was looking forward to a cappuccino, only Krema closed.

A visit to Farnham Parish Church.

Whilst in the church, as it was closing, came an extremely arrogant man, with a woman and child in tow.  American accent, I suspect an Israeli, but I may be wrong. He asked for something with a name, that neither I nor the lady locking up had a clue what he was asking for. He then showed on his phone, and said the Hebrew letters for God.  No, we had not seen. I also explains Jews do not say out loud or write the name of God, they write G-d.  The man disagreed. The woman he was with very quickly found. How did she know where to look? A discoloured board for the Ten Commandments, with the word he was looking for at the top, clean and glowing. Again odd. The letters bore little resemblance to what he said he was looking for. He argued, got out his phone. No they did not look the same. They then departed. They showed no respect for the church, the child making loud vulgar noises. A not very pleasant man.

What was he really looking for?

The printed sheet he had in his hand, had a few lines instructing him to look in the church.

Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant, half a chicken ten pounds. This is to directly take on the chain eatery in Lion and Lamb Courtyard. It always has a weekend special, half a chicken, Difficult to see how a special, if always the same. It used to be £9-99, now £11-50. If success was based on innovation, now also selling fresh flowers, Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant would be packed.  It is not, it is always empty. The menu is always enticing. I have ate there a couple of times. The food has always been awful. The coffee not good either, even though sourced from Union, but Union sadly supply anyone.

It was then to Caracoli for a coffee. Not somewhere I would normally go for a coffee. I was brought a cappuccino with chocolate. I sent it back. Why does no one know how to make a cappuccino? What was brought next had a very unpleasant taste. I suspect bad cheap coffee. It was a tad too hot, but I do not think the barista was at fault. I inquired of who roasts their coffee.  Mozzo Coffee, the same people who supply Flat Whites, but then added a  blend for them. Maybe cheap catering supply coffee.

Then to Waitrose. Loose bananas were not in very good condition. Those in bags rotten.

Waiting for a bus, cold. More like autumn than summer.

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