How not to social media

The social media consultants

Two girls dropped off a leaflet for social media. Only problem it showed they were clueless on social media.

Some fliers they had not even bothered to cut out straight, showing lack of care, leaflet lacked web address, twitter account, contact number.

In the bottom right hand corner what appeared to be a carton of McFries.  Of what relevance? What was this trying to say, they supply a McShit service?

First impressions count.

Needless to say those who received a flier were singularly unimpressed.

Classic example of how not to social media.

I decided to do a little digging.

Their website dreadful. I would not say the worst I have every seen but down there with the worst.

It has irritating popups that keep popping up every few seconds.  They were a bit like the targets that pop up on a firing range, in your peripheral vision, then they are gone.

Their writing is awful gushing style like a tui flight magazine guaranteed to annoy.

One of the worst examples a blog on what it is like to work for  company.

An example of crass advice. Need pictures of people. We know we exist in the Narcissist world of selfies, but why do we need pictures of people? A dating site, yes, a profile, yes, otherwise no.

If I wish to know about people I wish to see and chat with them face to face, to interact. I will visit visit a coffee shop or roastery to taste the coffee, but chat with the people too.

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