Afternoon in Winchester


Today, much cooler. Yesterday over 30C, today barely above 20C.

Catching a bus to catch a train always risky, bus late, bus does not turn up, then miss the train. Luckily today, only couple of minutes wait for a  bus, catch train OK.  Maniac bus driver, pulls onto a roundabout in front of a  car, car narrowly avoids ploughing into the side of the bus.

At Alton Station, clapped out double-decker No 65 bus from Guildford sat for several minutes with engine running belching out pollution.

1315 No 64 bus to Winchester driven by a lunatic. At Four Marks and Ropely had to wait a couple of minutes as ahead of schedule. At Four Marks bus drove ogf as a girl was about to board the bus. Girl threw her hands up in horror.

Boomtown massive, runs 9-13 August. Watch towers on the security fence.

Sicilian guys still not serving pasta. No one likes their disgusting junk food, but they do not listen.

Chat with cheesemonger, tell him I now have Re-Inventing the Wheel. Also of my conversation with a cheese maker at Guildford farmers market, pasteurised milk, back and white cows, feed in one end, watery milk out the other, why produce farmhouse cheese if only to replicate industrial cheese production?

Playing in the street, The Wing Faced Earth Figs. They were excellent and attracted a large crowd.  If only this talent at Staycation Live.  They are scheduled to play at Boomtown. I pick up a CD.  It is an absolute must they are on bandcamp.

Last week, no guest coffee at Coffee Lab, shipped out, no new guest coffee. Today only one bag left of the new guest coffee, Hundred House Coffee. Kids running the coffee shop who don’t have a clue. Different staff each time I look in.

I am charged ten pounds for a bag of coffee by a girl who admits she does not know the price.  I query the price I am charged. Six pounds a bag on the Hundred House Coffee website.

I learn Dhan is in The Square. I make the mistake of ordering a cappuccino. I was so pleased to get there before they shut at three.  Though what I should have ordered was a V60.

Tables outside, dirty, cups and saucers and pots not cleared away, rubbish blowing off the tables down the street.  Not good.

I find Dhan in The Square. A big mistake having had a cappuccino as he would have made me a cappuccino. At least he has signed my book, Coffee Art.  I thank him for signing the book.

To the wood-fired pizza stall. Only a small wood-fired oven. I choose mushroom with truffle oil. At least one stall worth eating at.

I look in Flat Whites coffee shop as they are closing and drop off latest Caffeine. No new guest coffee maybe next week.

I find The Wing Faced Earth Figs packing up. People are still going up to them to thank them.

Back to The Square. A cappuccino and date slice.

I go for a wander down the River Itchen, along the back streets and around the back of Winchester Cathedral.

I look in the bookshop. Recommend they stock Re-Inventing the Wheel. They are pleased when I tell them that Paulo Coelho has a new book out in September, Hippie.

1820 No 64 bus, anther maniac driver. Crosses the white line in the middle of the road to overtake on a blind bend where thee road on approaching Arlesford goes under a railway bridge.

At The Alton Station Cafe, arrive to see the last of the night’s special vanish. I dd not really fancy meatballs.

Catch a train, then a bus.

Arrive home a little after half past eight, very very tired.

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