Chichester farmers market

What was I doing travelling to Chichester then on to Arundel on a very hot day when I would have been better off sat in the shade of the trees in my garden?

It was already hot by nine o’clock in morning.

Whilst changing trains at Guildford Station, a cappuccino from FCB kiosk. It was not great.

Train to Portsmouth from Guildford packed. A fast service London Waterloo to Portsmouth only five coaches.  Drunks on the train.

At Havant, slow train to Brighton pulls in, time to run across the bridge and catch the train. Why not time it better?

Train packed, standing room only. Train full of drunks.

Many more drunks when I alight at Chichester. The reason  why,  racing at Goodwood, Glorious Goodwood.

At Chichester Station a train of Pullman coaches. I expect a steam locomotive. Sadly not, diesel engine front and back.

Train is so long,  diesel locomotive on the crossing, road closed.

I decide to take a walk along the Chichester Ship Canal. I think not far to Chichester Harbour. I am wrong, a long way.

Amazing sculptures along the route.

I call in Coffee Lab. Very annoying, Clifton Coffee beans shipped from Coffee Lab in Winchester on Wednesday not in. Makes it even worse. Old beans. Their Colonna beans also old. They say they have more recent, will bag for me. I say ok, will pick up as I pass by later. Cold brew? No, but will do me a Japanese iced filter later.

To the market. Only one stall I am interested in. The stall with the excellent onions and tomatoes.

At first I mistake the wrong stall, but eventually find.

Environmental standards on this market a disgrace. On one stall, fresh produce wrapped in plastic, sweating in the heat.

The man with the tomatoes and onions, tells me that on the Arundel farmers market they will not even be able to use plastic carrier bags. I say use paper. He says costs. I say tough. There is a cost to the environment on using plastic,. Society should not carry the externalised costs, but at least the stall is using brown paper bags on which to drop produce, as do most market stalls.

Coffee stall with beans in the midday sun, temperatures in excess of 30C a disgrace.

If want coffee beans, Edge coffee van in Draper’s Yard or Coffee Lab, but not off this stall.

Lunch at St Martins Coffee House. It is packed, but I manage to find a table in the shade in the garden.

Owner not around. A pity as I had found sources of organic coffee.

Head down Pallant, North and South. Quiet streets running parallel to South Street.  Lovely buildings.

Cut down a narrow street, which brings me out at Coffee Lab.

They have bagged the beans, make me a Japanese iced coffee.

Train is running several minutes late. I miss connecting train to Arundel, have to wait for next train.

I nearly miss Arundel. I see Arundel in the distance and think that is where the train is heading. No, have to alight at Arudel Station and walk to Arundel.

As I am about to leave the station, Chinese girl asks me the way to Arundel. I say I am going that way. She joins me. Do we need a taxi? No, we will walk.

It is not far.

We look in a few coffee shops, catering supply coffee.

We find Tarrant Street Espresso. It is closed. It is a little after 3-30.  What sort of place is this? He closes at four, but today early. We make do with a takeaway. For Square Mile Red Brick espresso blend it is a disappointment. The coffee shop more of a kiosk.

As we are half way up the hill, we head further up the hill to what could be the entrance to Arundel Castle. It is not,  and does not even list the opening hours. My new found Chinese friend had been told entrance was at the bottom of the hill, but I thought we best check, not walk down the hill to have to walk back up the hill.

We find the entrance, to be told as we walk in it is closed. Not even a quick look? No, go for a walk along the river.

We walk a little way along the River Arun, then back up the hill to Arundel Cathedral.

At the bottom of the hill, a square with on one side a lovely little food shop. I buy cheese and a Florentine and a yoghurt coated flapjack. Lady serving tells me top entrance used to be the entrance or at least the exit. She said its closure has killed the town. People enter the castle at the bottom entrance and most not aware of the existence of the town.

Interesting exhibition in Arundel Cathedral. Ghost like apparitions in the pews. At first I thought only those near the door. But no, throughout the Cathedral. I guessed it was the departed souls of those who died in World War One. I was surprised how many, Arundel only a small town. My guess was correct, to mark 100 days of the end of WWI. I think 95.

Then to the station. A train at 1902, only running late. Caught the 1832 running late at 1807.

Change for Havant. Havant to Guildford. Then another train.

Walking home very warm.

Home a little after ten, very tired.

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