The Crafted Coffee Company

I came across The Crafted Coffee Company at Chichester farmers market where they had a stall.

Why the dark roast? The response was to ask was I a coffee roaster?

I passed by a little later, stall not manned, coffee in midday sun.

What was the Q grade of the coffee? Would not say. Was this a refusal to say or did not know? Refused to say.

The woman was rude and unhelpful.

I walked away.

It goes without saying I did not buy any coffee beans.

In coffee, respect the beans. If not walk on by.

I contrast with Edgcumbes Coffee that I visited later in the afternoon. They went out of their way to be helpful.

There are two places in Chichester for coffee lovers to buy coffee beans, Edgcumbe Coffee and Coffee Lab.

Edgcumbe coffee have a van in Draper’s Yard end of East Street.

Coffee Lab are located in a courtyard off South Street. On sale their own Einstein espresso blend from The Roasting Party plus guest coffees.

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