Littlehampton and Bognor Regis

On leaving Edgcumbes Coffee I decided as only one stop, end of the line, I would visit Littlehampton.

If I was expecting something like a smaller version of Brighton, I was to be bitterly disappointed.  More like Aldershot-by-the-Sea. The only difference no empty and boarded up shops and no filthy Nepalese parasites.

I waled to the sea front, then back along the river. I passed a closed down amusment park

I had to change trains for Havant. Only one stop further to Bognor Regis. No, I would catch the train for Havant.

I alighted, remained on the platform as instructed, hopped on the next train which pulled in a few minutes later. It took me to Bognor Regis.

Bognor Regis a larger version of Littlehampton, equally as grim.

I walked to the sea front. A man with a truck selling wood-fired pizzas. Sorry mate, I am closed, council will not let me serve beyond eight.

It was back to the station, making do with chips to eat.

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