Chichester farmers market

Chichester farmers market takes place twice a month, on the first and third Friday of the month, not that you would learn this from the organiser, as requests for information are ignored.

On my way down, excellent Origin guest coffee off FCB kiosk at Guildford Station where I changed trains.

Train to Portsmouth packed.  It was not last week, but I was on an earlier train and it was Friday.

I arrived Chichester around midday. At Havant I caught the slow train, saving about ten minutes by not catching the later fast train.

I looked in Coffee Lab, but no time to stop, on my way to the farmers market.

The farmers market is smaller than at first appears. There are other stalls nothing to do with the farmers market. This is at first confusing until realise the stalls of the local producers have a distinctive canopy.

All in all, compared with Guildford farmers market, first Tuesday of the month, something of a disappointment.

The same low environmental standards as Guildford, fresh produce wrapped in plastic. On one stall the vegetables sweating within the plastic.

Tomatoes off one stall. I would have had one of his cucumbers but when I walked back, all sold, Not sure if the strawberries were from this stall or a different stall.

Sausage man would not sell me any sausages. Said unless I was going straight home. Contrast this with the turkey sausage stall on Guildford farmers market, on a stall, not refrigerated in this heat.

A stall with coffee, The Crafted Coffee Company, the coffee dark roasted. No one these days, not unless low quality beans to hide the defects, does a dark roast. I asked of the Q grade. The woman manning the stall would not say. She was quite rude. The beans in the midday sun.

Then to St Martins Coffee House for lunch. Excellent. I discovered the garden was much larger than I had realised.

Excellent lunch. The owner wished to have a chat ushered me to a  seat, insisted I had a coffee and give my honest opinion.

Whilst I was quite happy to sit and chat, I did not have the time. The coffee was not good. I could have told him that without having a cup of coffee. Poor quality coffee. Anonymous catering supply coffee.  Organic does not equate to quality. I suggested a few coffee roasteries he should talk to. It may not be possible to certify organic, but they would be able to tell him what inputs if any had been used. I also suggested visit Coffee Lab, have a chat, try cappuccino, V60, cold brew. He would then see what good coffee should taste like.

It was then to the station.

I headed down St Martins, found I could cross East Street and walk parallel to South Street down North and South Pallant. A far more interesting route, pollution free, lovely buildings.

I did not have long to wait for train, but then had to change after one stop, then to Ford.

I was heading to Edgcumbes Coffee. I had tried their coffee off their van last week, it was not a good idea.  I began to wonder was this a good idea, they were in the middle of nowhere.

I finally arrived, found people sat in a courtyard. If people were prepared to trek to middle of nowhere, then surely a good sign. There was also a coffee shop, The Edge Cafe, the other side of the courtyard, the coffee roasterie, strictly No Entry.

I got into a long conversation with a young guy. The son, Edgcumbes a family business.

What did I want? A cappuccino, I let him choose which coffee to use. It was good. far better than of their van. Not as good as Coffee Lab, but still good.

I questioned the cold brew, 72 hours, concentrate, then watered down.  It was ok, a little too watered down, he added more concentrate. Now OK, but I still prefer cold brew not watered down or V60 chilled, Japanese iced filter.

I bought coffee. Again I let him choose.

I also bought a bar of chocolate. Very expensive, £7 a bar of chocolate. I tried when I got home. Very good, but then it had to be at £7.

Back to Ford, I decided to visit Littlehampton as only one stop. If I was expecting something like a smaller version of Brighton I was to be very disappointed. More like Aldershot-by-the-Sea. The only difference the shops were not empty and boarded up and no filthy Nepalese parasites.

I caught a train, but had to change as bound for Bognor Regis. Same platform next train, I was told for Havant.  I was tempted to visit, as only one stop.

Next train, went to Bognor Regis. It did say it on the train, but I thought a mistake.

At the station they let me out. I walked to the sea through the town. Bognor Regis was as grim as Littlehampton, only slightly bigger.


—- to be continues —

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