Afternoon in Farnham

Hot afternoon in Farnham.

Passing through Aldershot, a brass band playing. The band far outnumbered the audience, and in the absence of any meaningful publicity, they were probably like me only passing by.

As I was early in Farnham, I visited Bells Pierce Summer Fete.

I assumed next to The Six Bells, or even associated with, but no, it was along a drive.

To my surprise very popular. A typical English summer fete.

I was reminded of the fete at the English church in Puerto de la Cruz. The main difference was less junk and not forced to pay to enter.

I wish people would would learn how to cook on a barbeque. One could see the sausages were not cooked. I sent mine back, and even then, only barely cooked.

I decided to walk along the ridge of Farnham Park into Farnham. This brought me to Farnham Castle, then out into Castle Street and down to Gail’s Bakery.

Why does nowhere understand that in the summer you do not serve winter soup? I made a mistake and had chicken and vegeable soup.

I looked in the new vegan place on Downing Street. Cold gazpacho soup. Yes, it was a big mistake soup at Gail’s.

Butcher was shocked when I told him of the turkey stall on Guildford farmers market and Godalming street food market, poultry sitting on a stall in this heat. Like myself, he questioned how do they get away with it.

Advice has now been issued to Guildford farmers market in a newsletter the public does not see. Utterly meaningless advice. Only leave on the stall for a reasonable time in warm weather. It was not warm, it was hot, and what is reasonable time? Ice cubes in a glass melt in within a few minutes. The turkey stall should be kicked off the market. They are a disgrace. Food and hot weather do not mix. Environmental health should be patrolling markets in hot weather. And stalls like the turkey stall, fined and kicked off the market.

Cold brew coffee from Krema. It was better than what I had Krema Guildford.

Krema was empty. But then so was Gail’s and the vegan cafe.

I then took a walk around Bishop’s Meadow. Not far, then back along the River Wey and around Manor Field.

The hay has already been cut. My advice has been followed, now grazing cattle though I did not see them.

Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant as always empty, apart from a couple sat outside, Cote opposite packed. It is now time for desperate measures. Last time I looked, eat and pay what you want, though so many conditions attached not worth bothering. Now it is book the venue, catering free. And they are hosting events. The menu always looks enticing, but the couple of times I have eaten there the food has not been good.

Service was abysmal in Waitrose, even by their normal low standards, Only one till manned.

At the Bells Pierce Summer Fete I learnt McDonald’s was to move into the old Argus store in the centre of Farnham. Very bad news if true.

As I pass by to catch the bus I see nothing on the shopfront to indicate this.

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