Afternoon in Guildford

Another hot day.

Cheese stall not on the market.

I actually saw someone buying beans off the coffee stall. For anyone who wants coffee beans, walk to Krema at the end of Tunsgate where coffee beans from Horsham Coffee on sale.

Fresh peas off the market. Last week no peas, they said not worth buying, I can see why, I had off a stall on the Godalmiong street food market the following day and they were not good

As always, excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

It was then to Krema for a cold brew coffee.

I pass by Surrey Hills Coffee. Not as busy as a couple of weeks ago, but not empty either.

I look in the Tourist information Office, Their tweets promoting Cosy Club,a fake 1930s bar, a corporate chain, not acceptable. Contrast with Chichester Tourist Information Office who promote cultural events, historic locations, independent businesses, reasons to visit Chichester.

On may way to Krema, dark clouds rolling in, thunderstorm forecast.

The roadworks in Tunsgate finally finished.

Completion of the roadworks has made a big difference. Can now see the Castle Ground and for people walking up Castle Street they can see Krema.

I decide not to stay long, though stayws longer than I wished. As leaving, starting to rain.

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