Draper’s Yard

The centre of Chichester is pedestrianised, a Roman street pattern with a medieval streets, surrounded by a Roman wall.

In the exact centre, the Chichester Cross, a butter cross where people met to sell their produce.

Sadly Chichester is a classic example of how to ruin a town, not as normally the case a town centre ruined by corrupt planners in the pockets of greedy developers of which there are too many examples across the country, but ruined by corporate chains, the same crap corporate chains that blight every town centre, but at least the planners could have done something about the tacky shop fronts out of character with the buildings.

And where there was not corporate chains, greasy spoon cafes masquerading as tea shops and coffee shops.

Wandering to the end of East Street and a little beyond I happened across Draper’s Yard.

A yard with many interesting business, including Edge a coffee van, a little cafe. It made a pleasant change to the corporate chains in the city centre.

It was what The Village in Guildford should have been like, not a million pounds of public money wasted.

The only aspect I did not like was the fake grass.

Out of the way and I guess that was why it was deserted, but well worth the effort to try and find.

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