Afternoon in Farnham

A warm day following a cool start.

A bowl of leak and potato soup in Okomoko. It was not very good, neither was the wholemeal bread.  I am at a loss why they are serving winter soup on a hot summer’s day.  Try tomato, pea or asparagus.

I did not try a coffee. Surrey Hills Coffee is not great, and a cappuccino with fake milk looks and tastes disgusting.

If not wish to use milk, then serve V60 pour over or cold brew with quality single origin coffee, for example from Chimney Fire Coffee.

At £3.20 a ludicrous price for a cappuccino, especially when consider not quality coffee, fake milk, and Krema a speciality coffee shop nearby serving excellent coffee.

Bags of coffee on sale, but I again recommend Krema, where not only serving, but also has Horsham Coffee on sale.

Nor did I fancy a vegan cake.

I had looked forward to cold brew in Krema, only sold out, once tried it is proving very popular.

Next week Farnham Carnival. Unfortunately clashes with street food market in Godalming.

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