Afternoon in Winchester

Miss train to Alton by twenty minutes due to usual piss-poor service by Stagecoach.

At Alton run to Alton Station Cafe to inquire of tonight, bikers night, lamb casserole.

Bus to Winchester large crack in the windscreen. Why is it still in service, especially as reported this morning by another driver?

Shocked to find the excellent greengrocer in Alton has closed. Maybe they have relocated. Let us hope so.

Walk down Magdalen Hill into Winchester.

Looking forward to pasta of Sicilian stall, shocked, annoyed, angry and upset to find no pasta, only rubbish. I try, looks like a pasty but is not, the pastry like a doughnut, yuk, inside disgusting cheap ham, tomato sauce not even tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It was as bad as it sounds.

What is wrong with these people? They start with good food, then cut corners and and serve rubbish.

On the Flat Whites stall, guest coffee. They say go to their coffee shop and try.

The coffee shop opened end of last year, hidden in a courtyard.  I notice a good selection of guest coffees, also coffee soap, made with coffee grounds (a novel use of coffee grounds).

The coffee I was recommended, no V60, but have Chemex. I notice cold brew.

The cold brew excellent, a little cloudy as not filtered. I was surprised they brew for 24 hours.

I suggest serve in a  glass carafe with a smaller glass.

They subscribe to Caffeine. I recommend do not waste your money, subscribe instead to Standart and get a free sample coffee with each issue.

It is then to Coffee Lab Academy. I am surprised to find closed at five o’clock, chairs piled on tables.

Where is Laura?

The Square.

They have opened a third coffee shop, each one street apart.

I find a long queue outside for a pizza shop opposite. Free pizza.

The Square is a lot different to the other two coffee shops, which are each different. Much larger, seating outside and out the back, seating upstairs, and packed.

I order a cappuccino. It tastes different. I query Laura. Same coffee, they have changed the grinders, and it has made all the difference to the coffee, plus they are monitoring and adjusting the grinders during the day.

Do I queue for a free pizza? No, I am tired, I will catch the bus and join the bikers at Alton Station Cafe.  I arrive and find no lamb casserole.

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2 Responses to “Afternoon in Winchester”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Overall not a good day at all then Keith. At least the sun was shining certainly in the morning.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Actually quite a good day.

    I always enjoy Winchester.

    Appalling service Stagecoach is unfortunately the norm.

    Not good a once excellent stall on the street food market now serving rubbish. I can count on one hand the number who can make excellent pasta, these guys were good. Therefore to stop the pasta and serve rubbish a grave disappointment. Others in Winchester baffled. They persevered all through the winter, only now when their business should be thriving, having established a presence, they no longer do what they excel at.

    But excellent coffee at Flat Whites and The Square. Both are new. Flat Whites opened last November, The Square a couple of weeks ago. Both are doing well, which is good news. Serve good coffee, the word gets around.

    Contrast with Karuna Coffee serving poor quality coffee at Victoria Day last Saturday in Aldershot. They seek a review, then get a torrent of abuse when when they do not like what is written, even though take the trouble to detail how can be improved.

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