Mango Bean closed

Mango Bean has closed, adding to a long list of retailers that have closed in Aldershot.

Looking down the street, a row of boarded-up shops, no life on the streets.

Mango Bean closed a few months ago. The only surprise that it did not close months ago.

It was a franchise coffee shop. The interior grim, the coffee awful, the person running the franchise arrogant and rude, clueless on coffee.

Mango Bean would form an excellent case study on running a coffee shop, or how not to.

If know nothing nothing about coffee, do not open a coffee shop. There are plenty of places where can drink bad coffee, do not add to the list.

If know about coffee, why open a franchise? And if are going to fall for a franchise scam, at least pick a known franchise, otherwise what are you paying for.

Anyone opening a business on the centre of Aldershot would be foolish as the streets deserted, and the demographics of those on the streets is people with no money.

A town infamous for its disgusting fast food outlets, the last place to open a speciality coffee shop.

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