Afternoon in Guildford

Cool but pleasant afternoon in Guildford.

Excellent cappuccino off FCB kiosk on Platform 2 Guildford Station. Soon they will have cold brew.

A world of difference fruit and vegetables on the market stalls in Guildford to what passes as a sorry spectacle in Lincoln. High quality, fresh, at reasonable price.

As always excellent lunch, honey crunch chicken and brown rice at Bamboo Shoots in Jeffries Passage.

The Thai restaurant which sadly closed many months ago is to re-open as an Indian restaurant. Am I impressed where the chef has worked, that he has met Jamie Oliver, that if will be Indian food aimed at Guildford folk? Absolutely no way, indeed it has the opposite effect.

A new coffee shop, Krema Artisan Coffee House has opened at the end of Tunsgate next to Ben’s Records. Not to be confused with Tunsgate Quarter.

It is long overdue for Guildford o have a top quality coffee shop. Now it has.

I am shocked work on Tungate still not finished. Excellent it will be a pedestrianised street. Let us hope Krema can have tables and chairs in the street.


I took a wander through Tunsgate Quarter. Incredible that today a developer opens a shopping centre with no guaranteed tenants. Must have either deep pockets or naive bank.

Does Guildford really need another grotty shopping centre with grotty chains draining money out of the local economy? No way.

Is it meant to be a joke? A Nespresso coffee shop.

I learnt from La Casita that several chain eateries have pulled out or will pull out of Guildford. No great loss.

I also learnt Surrey Hills Coffee to close when their lease expires. This comes as no surprise. When ever I pass by it is empty. They took over an excellent coffee shop and destroyed it.


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