Trinity Square, with Hull Minster centre stage.  More strange fountains, this time squares in the square, water flows upwards, flows to the edge.

On one side, Trinity Market.

Trinity Market a recently refurbished Edwardian market, the oldest covered market in Hull. Stripped back exposing the iron columns and girders, open and airy. They have attempted to create something like Borough Market in London, artisan food and other independent traders.

It was within Trinity Market I found Caffeinated.

From Caffeinated excellent cappuccino. A very knowledgeable and helpful young couple running the stall.

A good selection of coffee.

A lady complained, flat white too small and too expensive at £2-20. No pleasing some folk. A long way to go to educate people.

As I found in York, The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide being sold off.  No surprise, everyone is becoming wise to this marketing scam. Pay £500, write your own entry, and the books do not sell.

If wish to find excellent coffee shops, find one excellent coffee shop, then ask.

It was suggested I tried Thieving Harry’s and Two Gingers. No time for Thieving Harry’s,  Two Gingers was on the way to the station therefore  Two Gingers it was.

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