Afternoon in Hull

Afternoon in Hull was more of a fleeting visit, it took longer there and back than the couple of hours I was there.

A very hot day, even waiting at Doncaster Station it was hot.

Annoying forced to pay full price for a rail ticket when had paid for a Rail card. I had it with me, could not find. I later found it had attached itself to the back of a train ticket.

Doncaster Station is grim, and a pain to change trains. Last couple of times cool, today hot and sunny. A pity though about the drunks everywhere.

Train to Hull, passes by a coal mine not long after leaving Doncaster. Wind farms en route.  As approach Hull, stunning view of Humber Bridge.

On leaving Hull Station greeted by statue of poet Philip Larkin. Most confusing that it is not called Hull Station.

My destination Hull Old Town. Lacking a map, I headed in the correct direction.

Drunks spilling out of pubs onto the street outside. Not pleasant.

Interesting fountains, jets of water out of the ground, fun for the kids on a  hot day.

Maritime Museum had free maps, at least I assumed they were free.

Liquid Jade, hidden down an alley. Pleasant ambience. Mainly tea and food. Yes, did have coffee, but would not tell me where from. Perverse. I lacked the time to enjoy the food, and declined the coffee. Transparency is everything.  Owner very helpful, suggested places to visit and kindly marked my map.

Trinity Square, with Hull Minster centre stage.  More strange fountains, this time squares in the square, water flows upwards, flows to the edge.

Statue of poet Andrew Marvel.

On one side, Trinity Market.

Trinity Market a recently refurbished Edwardian market, the oldest covered market in Hull. Stripped back exposing the iron columns and girders, open and airy. They have attempted to create something like Borough Market in London, artisan food and other independent traders.

It was here I found Caffeinated.

From Caffeinated excellent cappuccino. A very knowledgeable and helpful young couple running the stall.

As I was leaving, stage was being set up. Live music later?

I was recommended by Caffeinated try Thieving Harry’s and Two Gingers.

I passed by McCoy’s overlooking Princess Quay, but no time for a coffee.

Two Gingers was en route to the station. No time for anything other than a cappuccino, which I am sorry to say I then poured into a takeaway cup (had I not I would have missed my train).

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