Afternoon in York

Wednesday very hot, hottest day of the year, fortunately Thursday not as hot.

Virgin Trains Doncaster to York running several minutes late. Then at the last minute, train switched to another platform. Passengers only became aware on seeing the train pull into another platform. Station staff then tried to stop passengers boarding and refused to hold the train to enable passengers to board.

Whilst waiting for the late running train, a train for Kings Cross pulled in with announcement already full standing room only.

Alighting at York Station the final stop, wandering through  the streets, over a bridge over the River Ouse and into the city centre.

What struck me, walking from the station, and then wandering around, the number of tourists.  Second that the centre relatively unspoilt, even where chains, and there was a good mix of independents where there were chains, the streets had not been destroyed, original buildings and shopfronts. Oxfam did though have to be an exception, ugly shop sign. Could they not have had the good grace to have had a sign in keeping with the character of the building?

Contrast with Lincoln, a historic town, and yet few tourists compared compared with York. Could this be due to poor town centre planning, destruction of whole swathes of the town centre, the latest being Sincil Street?

The  centre of York traffic free contrast with centre of Lincoln where it is not.

Passed a couple of coffee shops. I wandered in a couple, but far too hot to be sat inside.  Brew and Brownie tempting, but too hot inside. Ended at York Minster.  Back tracked to Lendal and found Burr Coffee.

Excellent brunch at Burr Coffee, the same cannot be said of the coffee.

Brunch field mushrooms and halloumi cheese with pine nuts on toasted sourdough bread. Generous portion size and excellent.

North Star Coffee on sale, espresso blend and single origin, though no single origin served, no pour over.

I have had North Star before at Canopy Coffee, not good, therefore was curious.

Cappuccino ordered. It was terrible, chocolate dumped on top, scalding hot, undrinkable.

Further down the street, Spring Espresso Lendal serving Square Mile Coffee.  What a difference walking down a street can make. Excellent coffee.

View at

Then wandering around, arrived back at York Minster, then found Harlequin Coffee and The Attic overlooking a square, King’s Square, as I followed signs to a market.

First Floor Harlequin Cafe (closed) and  on the second floor The Attic.

Not wishing for yet another cappuccino I chose, or was chosen for me, pour over Kalita Wave using a single origin from Has bean, I think a Burundi.

A short walk to a local market but now no time to have a wander round.

I asked the way to the station as now in a more modern less attractive part of the city and lost.

Crossed a different bridge over the River Ouse en route the the station

On arrival at the station found train running fifteen minutes late, which meant would not make connecting service at Newark.

Train left twenty minutes late.

It was announced, leave at Newark, walk to other Newark Station, fifteen minutes walk, will be met by station staff and guided where to go.

Not true 15 minutes walk. It is 15 minutes walk into town, and that is assuming know the way. No staff greeting passengers. No transport to convey passengers. not even bottles of water handed out which was the least they could have done.

Poorly signposted across the town, including dircting on unnesseary long way around.

— to be completed —

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