Outpost Coffee

Popping in Ideas on Paper to pick up their one and only copy of Coffee Shop North, I was asked could I pop back.

Asking of coffee shops, I was given the same advice as my last visit from Chocolate Studio, exit Cobden Chambers, turn left and head off down the street.

This I did, first saying hi to the barista in Wired.

I found nothing, turned on my heels, then spotted Outpost Coffee.

A small coffee shop, roast their own coffee.

The coffee on sale in a box, though I was informed, the coffee beans are in a bag inside the box.

A selection of cakes.

Limited outside seating.

Chatting with the barista, he said they source their coffee from different suppliers, and are now establishing relationship with growers and engaging in direct trade.

Coffee cups not compostable, costs too high.

I suggest, hike the price of takeaway to cover the extra costs, offer discount if customers bring in their own clean cups for a  refill. They currently offer a 50p discount.

My cappuccino excellent, served in a strange cup, no handle resembling an extra large egg cup.

It was then just time to pop back to Ideas on Paper, collect my copy of Coffee Shop North and head for Nottingham Station.


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