Lincoln Vegan Festival

I have to admit, I am no great fan of vegan food, a main dish yes but cakes are always disgusting.

Lincoln Vegan Festival held in the Lincoln Drill Hall.

If nothing else, an opportunity to see inside.

Wonderful ironwork. Shame the building has been partitioned and ruined.

Few food stalls. Most of the stalls were anything but food, animal rights, hunt saboteurs, tea, coffee, candles.

One stall selling vegan sausages. Yuk. Another had some very disgusting looking chips.

The only stall with food worth eating was Indian food. I though had already eaten.

Low environmental standards. Food served on plastic, plastic utensils.

The only stall I found of interest was a tea company from Hull, Leaves of the World,  where I stopped and had an interesting conversation on tea.

As I was leaving, I noticed a coffee stall. At first I assumed it was a roasterie, as prominently displayed a bag of coffee. That would have made sense. But no, it was a pop up coffee shop, Happy Cat Coffee House. I had a cappuccino. It looked disgusting and was not good.  It is not possible to make a decent cappuccino with fake milk. Apart from tasting disgusting, it looks disgusting. And what of the environmental damage caused by soy plantations, one of the main causes of destruction of rain forests? The takeaway cups were compostable or at least some were.  The coffee I poured down the drain.

It was then to Makushi aka Base Camp on Steep Hill where I was guaranteed a decent cup of coffee served in ceramic not a takeaway cup.

It did not happen whilst I was there, apparently the power kept tripping out. Either earth leakage problems or excessive power load.  The organisers claimed this regularly happens at festivals, ask caterers. Not something I have ever experienced.  Ask the caterers may give a clue. Excessive power load if all the caterers hit peak demand simultaneously. It is the norm to have a separate power circuit for cooking equipment due to the excessive load. If the catering equipment is plugged into 13A power circuit this explains a lot, and the system was reacting as designed by cutting out. This is something Lincoln Drill Hall should check. If they are permitting excessive load, they may be invalidating their insurance.

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6 Responses to “Lincoln Vegan Festival”

  1. WallyJay Says:

    It’s clear you already had a certain opinion of vegans before you attended the festival which makes me question why you bothered in the first place. I can’t say I have ever had any issues with vegan food tasting bad. But still, that’s not the point. Is it not better to eat something that doesn’t taste as good if it means nothing has died for your meal? Vegans are the way forward, better for the animals, your health and the environment. It’s just a shame you seem to be so naive on the subject. I have been three times to the festival and loved it every time, amazing atmosphere and great effort for charities, my non-vegan husband also loves coming with me and loves the food, he goes for the donuts 😀

  2. WallyJay Says:

    I thought it would also be of interest to you to know that the plastic that was plant based and biodegradable. According to the Lincoln Vegan Festival

    “When a non vegan comes to a Festival and writes a blog about food he didn’t eat, plastic that was plant based and biodegradable, and milk that doesn’t involve cruelty. He also thinks Rain Forest depletion is because of soya 😂

    Thanks Keith for that, but you clearly need to educate yourself. We don’t tend to listen to those who argue against a compassionate lifestyle #govegan”

  3. keithpp Says:

    I did not have any opinion, I simply said I am no fan of vegan food and find vegan cakes disgusting.

    Several of my favourite places to eat are vegetarian.

    Early humans were hunter-gatherers, meat formed a small part of their diet. They did not destroy their environment. Neither do indigenous people today.

    What is destroying the environment today is modern farming methods, modern consumerist lifestyles and greed.

    Soy production is one of the main causes of destruction of rain forests as is palm oil production.

    In the 1980s, so much money was poured into farmers, that it became viable to cultivate the North and South Downs. Previously either turf grazed by sheep or ancient woodland. Immense environmental damage, the soil was eroded down to the chalk, an arsenal of chemicals used on the crops.

    When what people eat is raised to the status of quasi-religious fundamentalism, serious questions need to be asked.

  4. keithpp Says:

    To cite the ignorant nonsense posted by Lincoln Vegan Festival on their facebook page is meaningless.

    They claim I am not aware of plant-based plastic. I am well aware.

    What I saw was plastic.

    Why though not specified to all stallholders, no polystyrene burger-style boxes, no plastic plates or cutlery, no plastic lined disposable coffee cups?

    It would not be possible to have a stall at London South Bank Street Food Market, or at other food festivals.

    Why a stall selling coffee in disposable coffee cups? Why encourage use of disposable coffee cups?

    I would though agree with you should only permit if use plant-based cellulose, card or wood.

    The norm in Iydea in Brighton for at least a decade.

    Appalling hypocrisy if a Vegan Festival does not set minimum environmental standards that are the norm elsewhere.

    Soy and palm oil are two of the main sources of destruction of rain forests.

    Why put fake milk in coffee? It looks disgusting, tastes disgusting.

    If do not want fake milk, or any milk, then why add milk? Enjoy a pour over, V60 or Chemex or Japanese syphon or maybe cold brew from a cold drip tower, high quality speciality coffee served in ceramic or ideally glass.

    Why even a coffee stall when three excellent coffee shops in Lincoln a few minutes walk away, Coffee Aroma, Madame Waffle, Makushi, aka Base Camp on Steep Hill, serving excellent coffee in glass or ceramic?

    I had noted the Indian food looked good, but I had already eaten, plus had I wished to eat it was gone. I even commented to the lady serving, that her food looked good, and I was sorry to have missed it.

    But that is the problem when people knock out half cock comments prior to engaging brain, or even worse regurgitate ill-informed nonsense they find elsewhere.

  5. Beck Says:

    I’m sorry you had such a rubbish time and clearly wasted your day. Maybe it was because you attended with a negative attitude and preconceived ideas. For example being vegan is not just about food. It’s about lifestyle choices too. I’m one of the candle companies you mentioned and had you bothered to talk to us you would have learnt a lot about cutting out unnecessary cruelty and fair trade practice.

    I too am disappointed if food or drink were served in plastic (I didn’t personally see this) but at least everyone there were trying. Trying really hard to make positive changes and help encourage others to do the same. When someone such as yourself makes comments about how all vegan cake is disgusting and blaming the depletion of the rainforest on soy production (for vegans!) it’s both misinformed and such a shame. If you had more of an open mind and actually listened to the message I guarantee you would have had a better day!

  6. keithpp Says:

    I did not visit with any preconceived idea, I merely said no fan of vegan food and have always found vegan cakes to be disgusting.

    And no, did not have a rubbish time or a wasted day.

    It is quite entertaining to read the abuse posted on facebook. What does that say of vegans, their lack social skills, their inability to engage in any intelligent discussion or ability to communicate?

    If they idea was to present a positive image of vegans, then the orchestrated abuse by the organiser of the event and her army of trolls has not done vegans any favours.

    And so keen keen to post abuse actually sticking to the facts a mere inconvenience.

    For example, the food at the Indian stall had run out, at least that was what the lady told me when I said her food looked good and a pity I had not had the opportunity to try.

    Another example, I did not describe as shit coffee when visiting the Sea Shepherd stall. First I was not even in that part of the Drill Hall with a coffee, and second I never visited their stall.

    But at least I was not the only one singularly unimpressed with the coffee.

    My coffee I walked outside with as I left, I only spotted the stall on leaving, and poured down a drain. It was undrinkable.

    I then visited a local coffee shop to have a decent coffee, quality coffee beans roasted in situ ,brewed by a barista who is knowledgeable about coffee.

    Coffee shops do not like artificial milk for two reasons, impossible to make a decent coffee and tastes disgusting. But as a courtesy to vegans, they may oblige. There are also people for who it is not a choice as lactose intolerant.

    The nearets you will get,and even it is not great, is Oatley, which I think the tea stall had, but I would never adulterate good tea with milk, The guy running the coffee stall did not have Oatley. Worse still made comments about Oatley that were not true. He then went quiet when I said I knew the people. I was with them last summer. I sampled with a skilled barista at one of the top coffee roasteries in the country. We both agreed was ok, not great, but far better than other fake milks.

    But why even add fake milk? With high quality coffee, and it has to be single origin speciality coffee not an espresso blend, try a pour over, V60 or Chemex, served in glass.

    And no, I did not visit the candle stall. Though I am sure we would have had an interesting conversation, as I had at other stalls.

    If vegan is a lifestyle choice, then what does it say of the low environmental standards, plastic, takeaway coffee? Surely should be setting higher standards for others to follow?

    Soy and palm oil are two of the major factors in the destruction of rain forests. Other factors are climate change and poverty.

    In Ethiopia, climate and poverty and commercial coffee plantations are destroying the cloud forests.

    Kew Gardens are mapping to mitigate climate change, Union working with the locals, paying them for wild coffee.

    What does it say of the organiser, not only posting abuse, orchestrating abuse? It does not paint vegans in a very pleasant light. Or the nonsense posted.

    A blog no one reads …

    Sunday over 1,000 hits. That is unique visits, visit more than once and only counted once.

    A different site, a recent article, over 1,200 hits.

    A different site, one photo, posted end of October last year, as of last week, over 90,000 hits.

    Can’t write ….

    Not according to one of the leading writers in the world.

    Would not know a coffee roastery if visited one …

    I personally know some of the top coffee roasters in the world.

    A couple of weeks ago, was in conversation with one of the top coffee roasters, who is currently out in the coffee plantations.

    Last year in Athens with an owner of a coffee farm in Panama, once a cattle ranch, now grows coffee, partly re-afforested. Their green beans last year hit a world record at over $5,000 per kilogram.

    Laughable the ignorant comments being made.

    But if people wish to make fools of themselves, their business not mine.

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