Coffee Bobbins

Coffee Bobbins an award winning coffee shop opened a year ago Easter at the bottom of The Strait.

I must be a glutton for punishment, award winning yes but the award by Good Taste Lincolnshire, compounded by the fact they serve tea pigs and coffee supplied by Lincoln Tea and Coffee.

In their defence Coffee Bobbins may say we are a cake shop, and it is true a display of scrumptious looking cakes, though limited choice and I did not try. They do though call themselves a coffee shop not a cake shop, and I was there to try their coffee.

When I see a coffee or tea shop displaying tea pigs it immediately tells me they are clueless on tea.

The coffee supplied by Lincoln Tea and Coffee again not a good sign as it is not good coffee. I have tried before at Bailgate Deli. It was not good. When I asked to look at the beans I found to be cheap over-roasted coffee with defective beans and a very unpleasant aroma.

The same Brazilian blend that Lincoln Tea and Coffee claim they supply as an exclusive blend for Bailgate Deli, a speciality coffee shop. Not then exclusive, neither is Bailgate Deli a speciality coffee shop, if it was, it would employ skilled baristas and source better quality coffee beans. Not that Bailgate Deli has ever claimed to be a speciality coffee shop, they are a deli specialising in vegan food.

Lincoln Tea and Coffee claim their beans are fresh. They do not roast, merely buy and bag and on the bags no roast date thus no way of knowing how fresh.

The decor is reasonable, though lacking in ambience.

The entrance very badly designed, and forced to push past people blocking the way.

My coffee not good, too hot, chocolate dumped on top.

I asked for a coffee without chocolate. It was not good either, again scalding hot and undrinkable. After one sip I left it.

I asked for water. I am used to Athens, water is always brought without asking or is on the counter.

Toilets are out the back in a yard. Not good if raining.

If as appears, Coffee Bobbins care about their cakes, then why not care about the coffee? I can visit a chain if I want to drink bad coffee, Costa or tax dodging Starbucks or Caffé Nero. And the price not cheap, at £2-80 expect quality coffee.

They also need to employ skilled baristas. Though the best barista would be hard pushed to make a decent cup of coffee with the beans they are using no matter how hard they tried.

There is absolutely no excuse for this. If they have not a clue on coffee, begs the question why open a coffee shop, but if not a clue, then pick up a copy of The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide where will find listed speciality coffee shops and coffee roasteries. A hint, try 200 degrees, or better still Hasbean or Dark Woods.

It is commendable to buy local, but never at the expense of quality. And how local is local, Hasbean and Dark Woods are regional.

Similarly if they are serious about tea cannot get more local than Imperial Tea half way up Steep Hill, which is served in Pimento Tea Rooms.

The one good point was the two girls serving, polite, pleasant, helpful, and in conversation knowledgeable about coffee.

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2 Responses to “Coffee Bobbins”

  1. Mat Says:

    I feel this review is incredibly biased and is reviewed in a single expressive state. I appreciate that you might like to think highly of your OWN opinion and state of mind but most people including myself likes down to earth food and coffee that’s decent and I find their food and coffee to be of high standards. I also feel that the staff are highly trained on preparation and commercial regulations of a cafe

  2. keithpp Says:

    It always helps to read and comprehend what is written.

    Coffee Bobbins, the clue is in the name and the sign on the front, a coffee shop.

    I was there to try the coffee, not the food or to appraise their compliance with food regulations.

    I have no idea what is down to earth food and coffee. I assume opposite of pretentious.

    Food can be simple, and yet excellent. An example would be the excellent food served at 200 Degrees in Nottingham or street food.

    The coffee at Coffee Bobbins is not good. Not the fault of the staff, it will never be good when source poor quality coffee.

    I would agree marginally better than Costa or the tax-dodging chains Starbucks and Caffé Nero, but that is not an exactly high bar to exceed.

    The staff who were there I have made no criticism of, indeed I have praised them. And no, they have not been trained. Not that it is possible to train a barista. To learn the skills to make excellent coffee, have to work alongside a skilled barista, and be passionate about coffee. The training will provide a basic skill set, nothing more. And customer feedback cannot be relied upon as they will drink anything.

    There is no excuse these days for poor quality coffee. Spoilt for choice of many excellent coffee roasteries from where to source coffee beans.

    The tea is tea pigs, Tetley’s under another name, poor quality tea.

    Again no excuse when there are excellent tea merchants to buy tea from.

    Somewhat ironic when the ice cream parlour next door sources far better quality tea.

    In Lincoln have a choice of places for excellent tea and coffee.

    For coffee, Coffee Aroma, Madame Waffle and Makushi aka Base Camp on Steep Hill. For tea, Coffee Aroma, Madame Waffle and Makushi aka Base Camp on Steep Hill plus Pimento. Pimento source their tea from Imperial Tea opposite, who even take the trouble to show them how to make the tea.

    And for coffee, further afield, Nottingham, Sheffield, York, spoilt for choice for quality coffee.

    Which raises the embarrassing question, of why was Coffee Bobbins at a £50 a head dinner presented by Good Taste Lincolnshire with an award for best tea or coffee shop in Lincolnshire? Even more embarrassing when learn Lincoln Tea and Coffee, suppliers of coffee to Coffee Bobbins, were sponsors of the award.

    Who were the judges, what is their expertise, what was the criteria?

    When not serving quality tea and coffee, when not even in the same league as the best tea and coffee shops in Lincoln, let alone the whole of Lincolnshire, it brings the awards in disrepute.

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