The Bean and Vine

Newark a small market town. Surprisingly not taken over by chain stores, still many independent stores. Nor has the heart of the town been ripped out by modern buildings, though a pity the modern shop fronts.

Walking from Newark North Gate Station I thought the road I was on was it, until I walked through an arcade, and found myself in a large market square, not surprisingly called Market Square. Rows and rows of empty stalls, no market traders.

On one side a coffee shop, The Bean and Vine.

I poked my head in the coffee shop. I had not intended to stop and have a coffee, but when I asked and they said closed at four, in ten minutes time, I decided to stay.

A little early to close, on the other hand I had seen no one around since I had arrived, it was like siesta time in a small Spanish town.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was not great but at least they asked, did I want chocolate dumped on top? And no, it should not be chocolate, use cocoa. They agreed and that was indeed what they used.

Too hot, cup size too large, not ground fresh.

I asked to look at the beans, which they also had on sale, a Brazilian blend supplied by 200 degrees.

Ii thought a Brazilian blend, as that was what it said, but on reading, Brazilian (but did not say what), Colombian Arabica, and Vietnamese Robusta.

Vietnam is infamous for dumping on the world market low quality coffee. Robusta!

A skilled barista correct size cups, maybe a better coffee. But Robusta!

Food served, I did not try, own cakes, again I did not try.

They may, as the weather gets warmer, pleasant to sit outside, days lighter, open later.

Pleasant ambience, and centre stage, a large wood burning stove.

I asked of the market. Trades every day but not today, Tuesday. Wednesday and Saturday the big days, but depends on the weather.

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