Afternoon in Newark

A fleeting visit. Very much a spur of the moment decision. I saw a train and hopped on it.

It went to the wrong station in Newark, there are two, but that was a minor in inconvenience.

I have often passed through Newark, but never actually visited.

Signage from Newark North Gate Station would have been of help.

I passed by a museum that had a Lawrence of Arabia Exhibition. I had not the time, but I learnt the exhibition had finished a couple of weeks earlier.

A small market town. Surprisingly not taken over by chain stores, still many independent stores. Nor has the heart of the town been ripped out by modern buildings, though a pity the modern shop fronts.

I thought the road I was on was it, until I walked through an arcade, and found myself in a large market square, not surprisingly called Market Square.

Rows and rows of empty stalls, no market traders.

I poked my head in a coffee shop that was on one side of Market Square, The Bean and Vine. I had not intended to stop and have a coffee, but when I asked and they said closed at four, in ten minutes time, I decided to stay.

A little early to close, on the other hand I had seen no one around since I had arrived, it was like siesta time in a small Spanish town.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was not great but at least they asked, did I want chocolate dumped on top.

I asked of the market. Trades every day but not today, Tuesday. Wednesday and Saturday the big days, but depends on the weather.

I thought walk to the river, opposite way to what I thought, but no time.

Now lost.

I retraced my steps, and just made the train with a few minutes to spare

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