Grand Coffee House

An integral part of the Lincoln City Bus Station, Grand Coffee House.

Ambience and design everything would expect of an artisan coffee shop, to then having had  expectations raised, to be let down by the poor quality coffee.

Sacks as cushions, old recycled cable drums as tables.

Cappuccino served piping hot with chocolate dumped on top.

Cappuccino is not served piping hot, nor with chocolate dumped on top, and at the very least ask before dumping chocolate on top.

If wishing to open a quality coffee shop, and care has been taken with the design, that equal care has to taken with the coffee, which at the very least means sourcing quality coffee and employing skilled baristas.

For a  bus station, a kiosk would suffice, if the intended clientele are the bus passengers, grabbing a coffee exiting the bus station, grabbing a coffee when catching a bus.

The growing sector of the coffee market is speciality coffee.

For rubbish coffee we have the chains.

If we are to cut waste, cut plastic pollution, we have to end the grab it and go consumerist culture.

For the takeaway market, ideally located to catch passengers for bus and train, indeed will probably hit badly the chains in the High Street, which is good news, as which will be more convenient, grabbing a coffee in the High Street or grabbing a coffee at the bus station either when arriving or when about to catch bus or train?

In the UK we throwaway 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups every year. We should be discouraging not encouraging takeaway coffee, encourage relax in an indie coffee shop with quality coffee served in glass or ceramic and at the very least, compostable coffee cups, reusable coffee cups on sale with a substantial discount if use a reusable cup for a refill.

Saturday very busy and yet no one about, the bus station empty, not yet open.  It will therefore be very busy once the bus station opens.

The coffee shop officially opens when the bus station opens.  Why not in that first week, special offer on KeepCup, first coffee free, substantial discount thereafter?

The coffee not great, better than the chains better than Stokes on High Bridge, but there are far better places in Lincoln for coffee, Coffee Aroma, Madame Waffle, Makushi, for those who love coffee.

There are no toilets, have to go out in the cold to the toilets on the first floor in the bus station and pay 20p to access the toilets.

How was planning consent obtained when there are no toilets?

Lincoln City Council are the landlords, interviewed potential tenants for the coffee shop.  What  does the Town Hall know of coffee shops or coffee?

For those wanting a takeaway coffee they are going to be hit with a double whammy, 25p latte levy, 20p to use the toilet, making it an expensive takeaway coffee.

The coffee shop is run by Café 44 in Sincil Street. Locally owned and they are sourcing locally, which means money is cycled within the local economy.

The name comes from the Grand Hotel that used to occupy the site.


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