Taylor Made

Wander around Athens, and like Cyprus, you will not find good coffee.

The times they are a changing, excellent coffee as in Cyprus is starting to make an appearance.

I would like to say I stumbled upon Taylor Made, as I usually go where my feet take me, but sadly not , I used what I would normally not, I used  a guide, and that was what led me to the vicinity of the church, but where was the coffee shop, and which one was it? All I had was the church marked on a map.

After a coffee at Just Made 33, I asked of Taylor Made. They recommended and told me where to find.

Without asking, I was brought a matt black bottle of ice cold water.

Trendy not the word, a hole in the wall opens into a trendy adjacent bar.

Impressive range of brew gear, including a stunning cold drip tower.

I must return to try the cold brew.

Upstairs a micro-roastery. Nothing less than Q grade of 85.

I was brought a coffee menu, history of Taylor Made and details on each coffee.

Located in a majestic neoclassical building by architect Ernst Ziller and with (always busy) tables spilling out onto Aghias Irinis Square facing the church.

When it opened in the summer of 2011, this part of Monastiraki was run down, times were hard, as they still are. The area was of tailors, hence the name.

A huge risk was taken, especially considering the massive capital investment.

The first month empty.  Now packed.

My cappuccino excellent.

Adjacent to my coffee a small spoon in a tiny glass. Not sure what for. At a guess, if used sugar, somewhere to put the spoon as no saucer.

I noticed although free wifi, people were engaged in conversation. The only exception a couple of people at a table using laptops.

Think of the best coffee shops in England. Taylor Made is in another league.

Located in Monastiraki.

To find, head down Ermou from Syntagma. When  you have hit the church, take the first arcade on  the right after the church.

Ermou is the Athens’ equivalent of Oxford Street in London. The same crap chain stores as find in any crap shopping centre.



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