Just Made 33

Wander around Athens, and like Cyprus, unless you are very lucky, you will not find good coffee.

The times they are a changing, excellent coffee as in Cyprus is starting to make an appearance.

I would like to say I stumbled upon Just Made 33, as I usually go where my feet take me, but sadly not , I used what I would normally not, I used  a guide, and that was what led me to the vicinity of the church, but where was the coffee shop, and which one was it? All I had was the church halfway down Ermou marked on a map.

I chanced a side street, turned a few corners, now lost and disorientated, I asked.

I was directed back to the church.

Trendy is not the word, a corner location serving excellent coffee, numerous brew methods, delicious cakes, I tried not the other coffee on offer.

To my amazement, Panama Geisha served. If nothing else, a good reason to return.

A glass of water brought without asking.

You want it hot? Strange question. But then everyone else drinking freddo cappuccino.

In the past I have searched for a freddo cappucuno, was looking forward to, but now I wanted a cappuccino as a benchmark.

Served with two tiny salt like pots. On was chocolate, the other cinnamon.

I then tried a bar. Peanut butter, chocolate and hazelnuts.

They work closely with a roastery Sapid  located outside Athens.

Outside somewhat noisy due to motorbikes riding through a pedestrianized street.

I would recommend they subscribe to Standart, maybe have on sale.

Just Made 33 was packed.

Think of the best coffee shops in England. Just Made 33 is in another league.

I asked of other coffee shops. It was suggested try nearby Tailor Made, also slightly further away Taf Coffee.

Located in Monastiraki.

To find, head down Ermou from Syntagma. If you have hit the church, you have gone too far. Back track. Take the first street on the right before the church.

Ermou is the Athens’ equivalent of Oxford Street in London. The same crap chain stores selling the same sweatshop goods as find in any crap shopping centre.

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