Sunday in Brighton

A lovely sunny day.

Just missed a late running train at Gatwick. Wait for the next train.

Train overcrowded, people standing, toilets not working.

Heavy police presence outside Brighton Station.

Usually a Small Batch coffee kiosk outside Brighton Station. Not today.

I was pleased to find the owner of Grocer and Grain running the store today.

He has a good selection of coffee.

Big question mark on Back Yard Coffee. The information on the bags meaningless, no information on origin, or even what beans. They did though note roast date.

Down to the seafront. Heavy security outside Labour Party Conference. Have to enter through a security fence.

Hypocrite Labour Party delegates sat outside Costa. There are many quality indie coffee shops in Brighton, support them, not Costa. Similarly do not eat the disgusting food on the seafront, use your legs and walk to North Laine.  The two exceptions, the seafood stall in the arches and and the seafood stall opposite.

Excellent musician Sybie playing in the street. Bought a couple of signed albums.

Also an excellent blues musician.

North Laine as always very busy.

Popped in Brighton Magazine. No, they did not have Standart. I learnt a new issue out.

Lunch at Iydea. Hot sat outside in the sun.

There are many quality coffee shops in Brighton, Jolliffes is not one of them.

Bumped into one of one of the Labour Party delegates who I know. Took him and his colleague down to the seafront.

It turned cold and started to rain.

I was going to walk along Brighton Pier, but decided to call it a day and wander back to the station via a coffee shop.

Dropped in on Small Batch. First time I have had a coffee. It was good.

Train from Brighton, overcrowded and standing room only.

Alighting at Gatwick, and passengers piling on to the train, packed in like sardines.

At Gatwick, crooked money exchange screwing travellers, offering less than a euro for a pound, another only just over a euro. Last week it was possible to obtain 1-10 euros to the pound.


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