Cappuccino in Small Batch

The last time I was in Brighton, I had a cappuccino off the Small Batch kiosk outside Brighton Station. I was looking forward to one today, and was disappointed to find no kiosk.

Down on the seafront, it turned cool and started to rain. I had intended to walk out along Brighton Pier, but feeling cold, I decide to head inland and take a slow wander back to Brighton Station via a coffee shop.

I had intended Pelicano, as not far from the station, popped in Small Batch on the way.

I have often popped in Small Batch, but never stayed and had a coffee, as always busy.

Today was no exception, but thought I would try a cappuccino.

I was disappointed cocoa was added. Nothing wrong with the coffee, but loses the flavour of the coffee. I mentioned this to the barista after complimenting on an otherwise excellent coffee. He gave me a complimentary card to have a coffee next time passing by.

I picked up a bag of coffee.

A wide range of brew methods at the brew bar, pour over, Japanese syphon.

I like the ultra modern style of Small Batch, what I do not like is that it is harsh and  noisy,  not an ambience within which to relax. Maybe that is why people sit outside.

On my last visit, I asked of Standart, Small Batch are listed as a distributor. I asked again. No luck.

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