Cappuccino in Jolliffes

Brighton has a thriving coffee culture, there are many quality coffee shops, Jolliffes is not one of them.

The coffee not ground fresh for each cup.

A cappuccino was brought to me upstairs.

Chocolate was dumped on top.

No, you do not dump chocolate on a cappuccino, or at the very least you ask.

Guy who served me became stroppy and stormed off.  No apology.

A long wait.  A girl came with a  cappuccino, slammed it down on the table. Coffee was dribbling down the handle of the cup.

It looked disgusting, and was. Served scaling hot.

Dirty dishes on adjacent table not cleared.

About the only good thing I can say, the ambience was pleasant and they support local artists.

The coffee is local from Red Rooster.

Redroaster should be very concerned as Jolliffes is not doing their reputation any favours.

It once again raises the question, why bother to open a coffee shop if you cannot be bothered to serve decent coffee, and in Brighton there is no shortage of quality indie coffee shops?


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