Afternoon in Farnham

A pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Autumn is here, once the sun goes down, it turns cold.

Alight from the bus, walk along riverside walk, through Gostrey Meadow, and up into Farnham.

A bowl of soup at Gail’s artisan bakery.

I had not realised how late it was, I left for the butcher, then came back for my quiche.

The soup, tomatoes, roast peppers and tarragon. Served with two doorstops of bread I did not really need anything else. Doubly so as the quiche was not good. I was told it came with salad. The salad a few green leaves.

Curious why the coffee always bad, I asked, does anyone make the coffee? No, we have baristas.

It was then to Krema for a cappuccino.

Best cappuccino I have had in Krema. The coffee was new,  Horsham Pioneer v 4.5.

I would have walked around Bishop’s Meadow, but sun going down and turning cool.

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