Afternoon in Lincoln

Hazy sun, cloudy, pleasantly warm.

The centre of Lincoln is allegedly pedestrianised. Only there is no enforcement. A car, a lorry followed by a  van, driving through the High Street at 1550.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Stokes on High Bridge, beans not labelled with roast date, when I inquire of roast date, try to sell me beans roasted in April, six months old.

Today, helpful trainee, drew my attention to all beans now have roast date and when I look, I see roasted  September.

I trek up Steep Hill, not time for a coffee.

Walking through Lincoln Castle, I find the Lincoln Knights are back.

A cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Cafe.  I choose the guest Guatemalan. Not great, best I can say of it, not undrinkable as their house blrnd.  It is not of the standard that is the norm in Madame Waffle, The Little Tractor Coffee Shop or Makushi.

Stokes need as  a matter of urgency to improve the quality of their beans.  Their baristas try their best, but not a lot can be done with inferior quality beans

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