Afternoon in Lincoln

Unlike Saturday afternoon when it poured with rain, and Sunday when it did the same with brief pauses, Tuesday afternoon a pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Through Sincil Street to the High Street.

Walking past the closed Starbucks, strange how they have removed anything that identifies as Starbucks, the bad news is that it will reopen. At least whilst it is closed take the opportunity to find decent coffee, support the local economy, and then do not return. It will take more than a  lick of paint to hide that tax-dodging Starbucks serves undrinkable coffee.

Coffee beans from Stokes on High Bridge. At The Lawn last week, I was recommended try an Ethiopian roast. But, somewhat perverse though it may been roasted at The Lawn, have to walk down into the town to buy from Stokes on High Bridge a coffee shop in both sense of the word.

When was the roast date? April. You got to be joking. I settled for a  different Ethiopian, not the one I wanted, mainly because it had been roasted in August.

It was then to Madame Waffle, where I was guaranteed an excellent cappuccino. Always consistently excellent, no matter who makes it.

Up Steep Hill, into Castle Hill, through Lincoln Castle.

Over the weekend the Castle Grounds were a quagmire, partly the heavy rain, partly the travelling circus of a food and drinks festival. The grounds were not as badly churned up as I expected.

I just made it out the West Gate.

I had hoped to find Stokes at The Lawn open, but I was too late.

Around the Castle to Bailgate. I was surprised to Redhill Farm shop open, unlike almost everything in Bailgate which closes early.

For good food, need as short a journey as possible between farm and plate. ITV News has  a report on why.



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