Afternoon in Lincoln

There was a storm early hours of the morning, not that I noticed.

Explore Lincoln Travel Guide is worth picking up from Lincoln Central Library.

I have not seen this useful leafelt anywhere, not at the Bus Station, not at the Tourist Information Office.

Lincoln Central Library, one of the few libraries that remain open in Lincolnshire thanks to mass library closure by Philistine leader of the County Council Martin Hill.

Idiot with massive lorry drove through pedestrianised High Street and into Cornhill. Other vehicles were driving through pedestrianised area.

Compete lack of enforcement, blind eye turned.

Walked up Steep Hill to Makushi, then remembered closed at four o’clock. No board outside. I decided to check, maybe someone lingering over a coffee.

I was in luck, no time for a  coffee, and too late anyway, but I was able to pick up a bag of coffee beans from Costa Rica.

Caught Bird’s Yard as closing. Second bag of coffee.

Excellent cappuccino in Madam Waffle.

From Coffee Aroma, third bag of coffee, their own blend from Has Bean.

Would I like a coffee?  Apparently a free coffee if buy a bag of coffee beans. An excellent idea, something more coffee shops should do.

Unfortunately no time.

The Lincoln Knights may have been removed from the streets a week ago, it is still possible to find miniature Knights.

I then had a wander in Lincoln Arboretum.


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