Afternoon in Lincoln

A pleasant warm if dull afternoon.

A tour around the half-complete International Bomber Command Centre courtesy of the director and the contractors. Currently a hard hat area.

Then into Lincoln, cappuccino at Madame Waffle and walk up Steep Hill.

It was very depressing seeing the Lincoln Knights being removed , especially as completely unnecessary.

The Lincoln Knights have generated massive public interest and their premature removal one huge mistake. I have yet to meet a single person, whether visitor, local resident or independent business who are pleased to see their removal.

The Knights should have been kept in the street until at least the end of September, if not longer.

The miniature Knights remain in shop windows, a reminder of the cultural vandalism removing the Knights from the streets.

And Knight Ale is still available.

Appalling service in Poundland at the top of the High Street. Refusal to man a till and forced to use a self-service till.

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